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In case of acidity, mix this indigenous herb in water and drink it, all the pain and irritation will go away in a pinch.

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Mulethi for acidity | Licorice For Acidity

Natural remedies like licorice which are safe and effective for treating acidity are widely used. Licorice, known as Mulethi in Hindi, is a common Ayurvedic medicine that is used for the treatment of GERD and several associated stomach troubles. Due to a compound called glycyrrhizin, it helps in lowering the blood pH level in the stomach and aids in digestion. Mulethi also protects against stomach discomfort, inflammation of the digestive system and heartburn. It acts as a mild laxative which aids in bowel movement and maintains normal pH level.

These are also some advantages

Promotes digestion: Licorice contains glycyrrhizin, which gives it a sweet taste and helps improve digestion. You can consume licorice tea to reduce your digestive problems, as it will help you to reduce the discomfort and burning sensation during acidity.

Boosts Immunity: The enzymes present in licorice roots help in producing lymphocytes and macrophages that help protect your body from many pathogens. In addition, it also provides protection against allergies, germs, pollutants and auto-immune diseases.

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Skin Improvement: The beneficial properties present in licorice help in moisturizing your skin and keeping it soft. In addition, its anti-inflammatory properties help fight pigmentation and skin rashes.

Prevents Inflammation: The anti-inflammatory properties present in licorice help protect your body from arthritis, heart diseases, etc. And the antioxidants in the roots fight free radicals and prevent them from spreading throughout your body, thereby preventing pain and inflammation .

Reduces symptoms of menopause: Consuming licorice helps menopausal women to get relief from mood swings, hot flashes and insomnia caused by hormonal imbalance. Along with this, it is also considered effective in increasing fertility in women of reproductive age.

Controls Cholesterol: The antioxidants present in licorice help in dilating the blood vessels, preventing the accumulation of plaque in the veins and arteries, and controlling the amount of fat in your bloodstream.

Provides relief from cold and cough: Licorice contains an expectorant with bronchodilator properties that helps in curing conditions like asthma, cough, bronchitis and dry cough. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of this herbal medicine make it effective in reducing bronchial inflammation and treating sore throat.

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Helps in weight loss: Liquorice contains flavonoids which reduce extra fat accumulation in your body. It helps in reducing the low-density lipoprotein level in the blood, thereby reducing the chances of artery blockage and heart attack.

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