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In Afghanistan ‘QUAD countries told terrorism a direct threat’, India’s ‘healing on the wounds’

QUAD countries expressed concern over terrorism, warned Afghanistan

New Delhi :

In the fourth meeting of foreign ministers of QUAD countries, once again serious concern was raised on the issue of terrorism and China was reminded that it must follow the International Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) in the South and East China Sea. In the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of Australia, India, Japan, and America in Melbourne, Australia, it was said that the Quad countries share information about threats among themselves and all kinds of We are in constant contact with multilateral countries in the Indo-Pacific to combat terrorism and violent extremism. Along with this, an appeal was made to all the countries that they should not allow their country’s borders to be used for terrorist attacks and those who do so should be punished.


In a statement issued by the Foreign Ministers of the Quad countries, it has been said that we again condemn the 26/11 terrorist attacks in India and the Pathankot attacks. Also, citing UNSC resolution 2593, it was reiterated that the borders of Afghanistan should not be used to intimidate any other country to attack it or to give shelter or training to terrorists or to fund terrorist incidents. . In this meeting of foreign ministers of the Quad countries, it was also said that with no government in Afghanistan at present, it has become a direct threat to the security of the Indo-Pacific region.

Recently, India expressed its dismay over the UN Secretary General’s report that had overlooked the refuge of banned terrorist organizations in Afghanistan and the alliance with ISIS of terrorist organizations there. India had said that the situation in Afghanistan threatens the security of South Asia.

The meeting also raised concerns over cyber security, climate change and violence following military rule in Myanmar, as well as missile tests carried out by North Korea in breach of sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council. was condemned. The next conference of the leaders of the Quad countries is to be held in Japan in the middle of this year.

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar met US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Friday ahead of an important meeting of QUAD foreign ministers. Reviewing the bilateral relations, he said that the progress in various areas of Indo-US relations is positive. Jaishankar is on his first visit to Australia as Foreign Minister from February 10 to 13. He participated in the fourth, Quad Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, along with the foreign ministers of Australia, Japan and the US.

Jaishankar tweeted, “Reviewing bilateral cooperation with Blinken. Progress is positive in various fields. Our strategic partnership is very clear.

The aim of the talks of the foreign ministers of the Quad countries was to further enhance cooperation in various areas, including the Indo-Pacific region, amid China’s increasing military aggression in the strategic area. The foreign and defense ministerial talks were held amid renewed efforts by the Quad member states to enhance cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region. Apart from India and Australia, the quad includes the US and Japan.


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