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In addition to Volnovich and Ferraresi, another government minister took vacations abroad

A week after the images of the head of the PAMI, Luana Volnovich, next to the number 2 of the organization Martín Rodríguez; that exposed the non-compliance to the request that he had made Alberto Fernandez so that officials do not travel abroad, a new name joins the Cabinet list that failed to comply with the President’s wish. It is the Minister of Labour, Claudius Moroni, who was in Uruguay during the first half of January.

The information never ceases to amaze because it is one of the most trusted men and friend for decades of the head of state.

Although far from the exclusivity of Cancun, Moroni traveled by land to Uruguay on January 1 and headed with his family towards the city of La Paloma, where his wife María Beatriz Ruscica has a home “more than 20 years ago”, according to those close to the minister.

“There is nothing that cover. He has been going regularly in the summer for more than ten years and occasionally for more than twenty. His whole family was there,” they confirmed to Clarion from Moroni’s entourage.

From Labor, before consulting this newspaper, they assured that the President was aware: “Everyone knew about his trip,” they exaggerated.

In the midst of the controversy over the images of Volnovich in a bar in Mexico and over the case of the Minister of Territorial Development and Habitat, Jorge Ferraresi, who asked the President for authorization to travel to Cuba and making use of a ticket allegedly purchased two years ago, Moroni’s vacation was not affected.

Luana Volnovich in the Mexican Caribbean with her partner and number two of the PAMI, Martín Rodríguez.

However, those close to the official slipped that could not anticipate his return since his youngest son, with whom he was traveling, had coronavirus and had to comply with sanitary measures.

The striking thing is that the Government, in the face of the scandal, did not anticipate detailing the destinations chosen by the officials to spend the summer. Even last Wednesday and before the first version about Moroni’s vacations, official sources assured that he was already back in office and pointed out that he had only made a lightning trip to spend the New Year’s Eve.

Thus, Moroni’s stay in Uruguay was extended until this Saturday, when he undertook the return aboard the car that appears in the affidavit he presented when he became an official: a Peugeot 3008, model 2012. A curiosity: Moroni avoided the ferry trip that would have allowed him to shorten distances.

The discussion about the destination chosen to spend the summer was opened by the Government itself when in November he imposed the stocks on the fees for the purchase of tickets abroad. Defending the measure, the presidential spokeswoman, Gabriela Cerruti, noted that this measure affected “quite a few people” and considered that “encouraging domestic tourism is very important.”

“We have to take care that the dollars that Argentina has are used for what we want, which is the reactivation of SMEs,” he argued.

Hence Fernandez advised that the officials comply with their vacations in the country. Even the President chose not to travel and only took a few days at the Chapadmalal residence at the end of the year. In the case of Moroni, without the expense of lodging or tickets and with the availability of dollars (according to his DD.JJ. some US$487,297.50), Fernández’s request became even more symbolic. “Alberto knew. It is the cheapest place to go on vacation,” the Presidency told this newspaper.

After the commotion generated by a reference from La Cámpora like Volnovich being in the Caribbean, The Government turned its discursive line: it relativized the request made by Fernández, consigned by this and other media, and pointed out that the annoyance with the head of the PAMI had to do with the fact that “he did not notify” that Rodríguez, his number 2, was his partner, which could affect the management of the organism.

Moroni, whose last management activity had been on December 28, at the signing of an agreement with the head of the Trade Employees Union, Armando Cavalieri, reappeared this Monday on the Government’s broadcast agenda with a photo-included meeting to mark presence with the Chief of Staff, Juan Manzur: “We review the programs that provide greater professional training to strengthen their skills and performance when entering the world of work,” wrote the coordinating minister.


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