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Imran Khan: ‘No country can show India an eye and we have here…’, Imran Khan praised again


new Delhi:

of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the people of his country late on Friday night and again praised India. Alleging conspiracy to remove him from power at the behest of a foreign country, he said that India is a self-respecting country and no country can show its eyes. But we are trying to bring imported democracy here. Our government is being removed here at the behest of a foreign country. Imran, who looked very emotional, clearly said that he never took any decision at the behest of a foreign country during his three-and-a-half year rule. Imran Khan said, my family has never been in politics, but they came to politics for the betterment of the people of Pakistan. Imran Khan also mentioned about EVM voting in India and said that with this we had brought the process of voting through EVMs. We wanted that we could give voting rights to Pakistani citizens living abroad. Imran alleged that Shahbaz Sharif and Bilawal Bhutto are so popular, then why do not they come to the election field. They want to run an imported government. Imran Khan announced a big protest on Sunday.


Earlier on March 20, Imran Khan praised India. Then the PM of Pakistan had said that India imported crude oil from Russia, regardless of US sanctions. Imran Khan, who criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, openly praised Indian foreign policy. Khan said that he would praise neighboring India as it had an “independent foreign policy”. Imran said that India is part of the Quad group and it imported crude oil from Russia despite US sanctions. My foreign policy will also be in the interest of the Pakistani people.

Earlier, Imran Khan said that he accepts the decision of the Supreme Court, but he is disappointed to see why the Supreme Court did not set up an inquiry on whether it is a foreign conspiracy to overturn the power or not. Khan said that MPs are being traded openly, everyone knows who is selling conscience, in which religion it is allowed. It has become a joke in the democracy of Pakistan, the way politicians are being sold. The Sharif brothers were the first to start the process of buying politicians like sheep and goats. Even today they are being sold openly. The media is also fully supporting them in this game.

Imran Khan said that he has never seen such a thing in any western democracy, because there the public stands against him. So it is the responsibility of the people of Pakistan to stand against it. In other countries which were our embassies, through which power There was a conspiracy to reverse it, we cannot make it public, but the public should see for themselves what is happening. An American official openly told our ambassador that if Imran Khan leaves, then Pakistan’s problems will end and America can forgive him.

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