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Images show Alec Baldwin practicing with the gun before the death of Halyna Hutchins

The Angels – The actor alec baldwin previously rehearsed with the revolver from which the bullet that ended the life of the director of photography would come out Halyna Hutchinsduring the recording of the movie “Rust” last October in New Mexico.

The Santa Fe sheriff’s office made public this Monday some images in which Baldwin is seen sitting in a church pew, during the same day of filming that Hutchins died, and immediately takes the gun out of his jacket, points it towards the camera and repeats the action a second time.

However, the actor has maintained in his testimonies that he never pulled the trigger until the moment of recording the fateful scene.

The material that the sheriff’s office has now released consists of videos of rehearsals on the recording set, text messages or witness interviews with investigators.

Among them, that of the director of the film, Joel Souzawho was injured in the shoulder after the projectile passed through Hutchins’s torso, and who can be seen on video in the emergency room telling an investigator that the armorer on the set, Hannah Gutierrez-Reedhad said that “the weapon was clean”.

At this point, a text message from the head of props has also been known, Sarah Zacryin which he tells a member of his team that Baldwin’s wish had always been to use real weapons, since he didn’t like “fake guns or rubber knives.”

According to the Office of the Prosecutor of the First Judicial District of Santa Fe, The investigation is still open and they are waiting for new reports from the sheriff’s office to review the evidence and make a decision on the criminal charge.

On April 20, the New Mexico Occupational Safety and Health Administration fined the producer of “Rust” more than $135,000 for failing to observe safety measures during filming.

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