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‘I’m not your daughter, I’m not your mommy’, the viral response of the mayor of Santiago de Chile to a journalist

Irací Hassler, mayor of the city of Santiago de Chile he crossed a journalist live for having said “mommy” in another interview in October.

The official was invited to the program “Mucho gusto” and after being introduced by one of the conductors, the journalist Jose Antonio Neme He said, “We have to have coffee because I know you are mad at me.”

Hassler, with serene voice and even a smile on his face, he began his presentation to make his position clear without being asked any questions. His reaction went viral.

“It is not necessary to drink coffee, but I do believe it is important, José Antonio, to tell you that the feminist movement has had an important fight against gender violence, women are occupying more and more spaces of power, spaces of decisions; and with that, we deserve respect. I’m not your daughter, I’m not your mommy, I’m angry. Can you call me by my name or mayoress of Santiago, which is the position I have by popular election”, He expressed.

Neme, a month ago, had interviewed her and the exchange generated controversies at the local level, since she referred to a proposal by the leader to redesign a subway line, but the qualifier used lit the fuse.

“Irací, mommyI mean, really, if you tell me that Line 7 is going to stop at Torres del Paine, in the Northern Ice Field, I’ll give the ok, “he said.

The communicator threatened to apologize “if he felt offended”, but the mayor quickly interrupted him: “It’s not that I felt it. I think that women are in decision-making spaces, and we are not daughters and we are not moms ”.

Neme then rehearsed a lukewarm apology: “If you take and embrace that speech, of a general offense, as I am a man, and well man, I apologize for the case. If you were upset, you and who you represent ”.

But the scene didn’t end there, because Hassler went for more. “It is not only if ‘you got upset’, because there it puts the ‘but’, José Antonio, and that is not good. I believe that there is an offense when you say ‘my daughter’, ‘my mommy’, What is that? I am a public authority and I am a woman; and therefore, I think I deserve respect like all womenIt’s that simple: you can tell me Irací and I can tell you José Antonio, and we understand each other ”.

Despite this explanation, Neme insisted: “I find him absolutely right and I do not wrinkle a muscle to apologize and apologize when a group of people has been offended by something he has said.” So, to close the discussion, Hassler emphatically stated: “She was offended, not only did she feel, but I accept the apology ”.

There the journalist explained that “there was no offensive spirit”, but that it was “political sarcasm.” And he added: “You have to be very careful, I agree with you.”

Irací Hasller assumed the position of mayor of the Santiago commune on June 28, when she became the second woman to hold that position.



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