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If you want to increase your height, then start this exercise from today itself, if you do it daily then your height will increase rapidly.

Exercise To Increase Height: The issue of not increasing the height can also be genetic.

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  • The issue of not increasing in height can also be genetic.
  • Exercise is one of the most effective strategies to grow taller.
  • Effective exercises to increase height are given here.

How Can I Increase Height: Due to bad habits, unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle, the height of many people stops. Although there are many reasons for not increasing the height. The issue of not increasing in height can also be genetic. Many factors affect your height including environment, hormones, heredity and diet. Exercise is one of the most effective strategies to increase height quickly and become taller. If you are also looking for answers to questions like Ways To Increase Height, how to increase height and effective ways to increase height, then here we are telling about some exercises which should be included in your workout routine. By doing this you can easily increase your height.

Exercises that help in increasing height. Exercises That Help In Increasing Height

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1. Pelvic Shift

Pelvic shift is one of the most effective exercises to increase height and avoid the harmful effects of prolonged sitting. It helps in increasing your height by stretching your lower back and upper back.

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  • Lie face down on the mat, keep shoulders flat on the floor.
  • Keep your palms down and extend your arms.
  • Bring the feet near the butts by bending the knees.
  • Raise your pelvis by arching your back.
  • Tuck your butts in and lean on your feet and shoulders for support.
  • Repeat for at least 30 seconds.
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2) jump rope

Another technique to stretch your muscles and increase height is jumping rope. It is also a great way to stay fit.

  • Take a rope and jump with both feet simultaneously along with the cable.
  • You can repeat this process as long as you can.

3) Single leg hopping

Hopping is one of the height increasing exercises. This exercise helps in stretching your abdominal muscles and also stretches the entire lower body.

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  • Bounce on your left leg ten times.
  • Keep your hands pointing straight towards the sky.
  • Hop in the same way on your right foot.

4) Puppy pose

This height increasing exercise flexes your spine, leg muscles and also affects your bones.

  • Your knees should be in line with your hips and your hands should be in line with your shoulders.
  • Take a few steps forward with your hands.
  • Feel a stretch in your lower body by pulling your hips back about halfway down your legs.
  • Stay in this position for 60 seconds.

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