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If you want to get rid of pimples then adopt these natural remedies, these expert tips will make your skin spotless.

These are natural tips to get rid of pimples.

Pimples Natural Remedies: Be it men or women, everyone is troubled by the problem of acne. There can be many reasons for pimples appearing on the face. To get rid of this, we adopt many types of remedies. For this, you can get rid of this problem by taking medical and natural treatment. If you adopt natural remedies, it may take some time to see the effect, but with natural treatment you can eliminate problems like pimples from their roots. You will know from Doctor Amit Bangia what things you should use to get rid of pimples.

Home remedies to get rid of pimples


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Honey is considered an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory substance, that is, honey kills bacteria, reduces inflammation and also reduces redness. Apply honey on the pimple area and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, after that wash the face with lukewarm water. With this remedy your pimples will start reducing gradually.

Aloe Vera

To get rid of pimples, you can also apply aloe vera mask. It is also anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. By using this you can also gradually get rid of facial pimples.

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Green Tea

You can also use green tea to get rid of pimples. For this, first prepare green tea, then cool it and apply it on your face like toner with the help of cotton or clean cloth.

Have a good diet (Healthy Diet)

To get rid of pimples, along with external care, internal care is also very important. For this, include seasonal fruits, sprouts and green vegetables in your diet.

Drink plenty of water (Drink Water)

Apart from this, drink plenty of water. Drinking more water will purify your blood and the chances of getting pimples will be greatly reduced.

(This article is based on a conversation with Dr. Amit Bangia, Associate Director, Department of Dermatology, Asian Institute of Medical Sciences.)

(Disclaimer: This content including advice provides general information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult an expert or your doctor for further details. .. Does.)

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