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If you prefer, Xavi, call it X

It is easy, Xavi, really. You search in Saint Google “Alfonso Godall” and “arbitral balance” and it comes out Surely I was more surprised than you, that you benefited from it, the day I put on La Sexta and saw this former vice president with Laporta, who is your current president, openly acknowledging that good relations with the federation and with the referees committee benefited Barcelona. You knew it because you were in the field, I sensed it but it turns out that he confessed it. And in any moderately serious country someone would have stopped machines to ask for an investigation, someone would have called this gentleman to ask him exactly what he meant, but nobody did because here the truth matters as much as anything. To what a senior manager of the club involved related in such detail, we called him villarato, but call it X if you want. With data in hand, Xs benefited your Barça and, therefore, it benefited you. And Godall told how your lifelong club sought the protection of Villar, although you can call him ‘i Greek’ if you feel like it, supporting him at the last minute and therefore breaking the voting discipline of the rest of the clubs in the League , who had decided en bloc to bet on Gerardo González. That approach had an effect and the referees had a more benevolent attitude towards your team, although, if you like it better, you can call it ‘hache’. So the formula would be like this: X=Y+H. And, hey, that was a crapshoot, it worked just as accurately as 2+2=4. So if there was an inventor of Villarato, that was your former vice presidentwho recognized him without blushing and without anyone asking for an explanation.

about Gavi, if you want, it is as simple to understand as the Villarato thing. They are data, Xavi, numbers, cold mathematics. It turns out that, being the way your boy is in the fourth position in the ranking of players who make the most fouls of the five major leagues and being, as in fact it is, Vinicius the leader of the classification of footballers who receive the most fouls in those same five Leagues, it turns out that the Real Madrid striker has seen more yellow cards than your kid. Another paradigmatic case is that of eduardo camavinga, who, having committed 13 fouls so far in the championship, has seen three yellow cards while your boy, who has committed 41 fouls, that is, twenty-eight more than the Real Madrid player, has the same. Here you can also call it whatever you want, X, Greek i or H, but the truth only has one path and it is this, even if you try to muddy it and discredit it.

So there is no possible serious debate about whether or not your kid has a referee’s bull because, I refer to the evidence, he does. No masks, Xavi: Gavi, who is very good but who is not Van Basten, nor is Camavinga, who is also very good and almost as young as Gavi, is so overprotected because he was born in Los Palacios and Villafranca, in the province Seville, while the other was born in Cabinda, in Angola. It’s like when the other day the Spanish TV narrator of Villarreal-Real Madrid said that Pepe Reina lived the matches with great intensity when what he was actually saying to Vinicius is that he was waiting for him on the street. That is not living the games with intensity, that is pure and hard macarrismo. But Pepe is from here and he won a World Cup while Vinicius is from Sao Gonçalo, in Rio de Janeiro, and he hasn’t won it yet. You are, and I have already recognized this many times, the world storytelling champions and you achieve such extraordinary things as the idea that Camavinga is a violent player gets through while Gavi, who always plays on the limit, goes under the radar of Spanish sports journalism.

I would like Gavi and Camavinga, like Vinicius or whoever it was, to be shown the cards they deserve by the Spanish referees, but I refer to the evidence of what happened in San Mamés, in general terms the Spanish referees have eaten without protesting the porridge that, as Queen, Gavi is just intense while Camavinga is violent and Vinicius pretends. Regarding the latter, Xavi, about the pretense, also search if you want and again in San Google “Barcelona players pretend for a bottle.” It was the year 2016. Your team visited Mestalla. In the 89th minute, and when your former teammates were celebrating a goal, a madman threw a bottle of water from the stands, which hit the neymar but that caused, one by one, all the footballers to fall to the ground as if struck by lightning. A meme. I am going to read you the resolution of the Competition Committee: “The exaggerated reaction of some Barcelona players who, without having reached any bottle, simultaneously simulate or pretend to have also been hit by a very large object, does not exactly constitute an example of sportsmanship.” stronger than the bottle that hits just one of them”. As I said, lightning. Or, if you prefer, Xavi, call it X.

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