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If you get tired quickly or hair is falling fast, then you have got it sick, get treatment immediately!

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Thyroid Causes are also linked to lifestyle. Thyroid problems occur due to obesity, poor lifestyle and hormonal disturbances. The problem of increasing or decreasing thyroid is most common in women. Although many times people are not aware of having thyroid. Here are the symptoms of thyroid that you should pay attention to.

Symptoms Of Thyroid

1) trembling of extremities

If your hands and feet tremble often, then you may have a thyroid problem. Along with this, the thyroid impairs the body’s ability to control temperature. People with hypothyroidism may also feel colder than usual.

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2) Hair loss

Many people consider hair loss to be normal but rapid hair fall can show symptoms of thyroid. It should not be ignored. Hair loss can be another sign of thyroid hormone imbalance.

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3) lack of sleep

If you are not able to sleep properly or are not able to sleep well then this can also be a sign of thyroid. Although often stress and wrong slip pattern also cause this.

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4) Muscle pain and weakness

Muscle weakness and pain can also occur due to working out several times, but if it persists then you need to be alert. This can be a symptom of thyroid.

5) Nervousness and irritability

Changes in mood such as sudden nervousness or irritability can be due to many reasons, but if this condition is not correct then you should not ignore this sign of thyroid.

6) Swelling in neck

Swelling in the neck or its enlargement can be a sign of thyroid. In this, a goiter is formed in the throat. It can occur in both hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism.

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Some other symptoms:

sweating profusely
rapid heartbeat
increased appetite and weight loss
Irregularity in women’s periods

Disclaimer: This material, including advice, provides general information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult an expert or your doctor for more details. ..

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