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If we lose Michoacán…

The wide geography of Michoacán has been this year a rosary of news of violence. The last one, that of Sunday night, when twenty people were murdered in a palenque, an unbearable massacre almost everywhere, but normalized in Mexico.

Seeing the map of Michoacán and pinpointing such serious events at its cardinal points could give the notion of the territory that is occupied by violence and, even darker, by the violent.

Just by mentioning events of the last eight weeks we can size up the challenge to the State (if it still exists in that entity): the murder in early February in Contepec of the mayor of that municipality near the State of Mexico on the way to Atlacomulco. On the other border between the two entities, we had two journalists murdered in Zitácuaro, barely a month and a half apart.

At the other extreme, of course, we must remember the execution of at least a dozen people in San José de Gracia, on the coastal border with Jalisco. And further towards the coast, very recently, the murders of the mayor of Aguililla and his assistant.

Finally, closer to the capital, Morelia, the municipality of Zinapécuaro, where the massacre that shook us at the beginning of this week took place in a palenque.

Such violent acts are by no means the only ones, but they should be enough to understand once and for all that Michoacán is getting out of hand. Who really rules there, Morena or the criminals from various groups?

Needless to say, a member of the lopezobradorismo won the governorship of Michoacán on June 6, but the situation is far from having begun to improve. Needless to say, also, that the Federation has deployed a National Guard operation there for months with thousands of troops stationed. Apparently in a few weeks, military detachments that do not weigh in the least on the spirits of criminals to dissuade them from committing tremendous crimes.

This same year, the export of avocados to the United States was already interrupted, albeit briefly, due to the actions of criminals. And crime has also been pointed out as a factor in the scarcity of lemons.

Because these recent acts of crime are not isolated events, nor innocuous flashes. They respond to the desire of criminal gangs to dominate territories and extract all kinds of income from them. Let’s eradicate once and for all the idea that they are drug traffickers looking for routes or consumers. They are much more than that. They are a power that has been established to the detriment of society and with the help, by action or omission, of governments, including that of Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Much of our history passes through Michoacán. And without a doubt that of the three transformations: José Ma. Morelos (we can even say Hidalgo, whose mother was from there), Melchor Ocampo (it is in fact Michoacán de Ocampo) and Lázaro Cárdenas, if we wanted to personify the importance of children. of that land in our revolutions, in our future. But there are many more Michoacanos in fact or in law than those three, from Vasco de Quiroga to Don Luis González y González.

In popular culture, Michoacan crafts are irreplaceable, and the inspirations of Juan Gabriel or the bukiindispensable.

It is so impossible to summarize in so few lines the importance of Michoacán for Mexico, as it is necessary to reiterate: Calderón and Peña’s “killing each other”, and since yesterday morning by AMLO himself, is an act of surrender by the State and proof that we are close to losing Michoacán.

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