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If the compensation for the damaged crops is not given by July 3, then the company will be blacklisted

Aseem Yadav/HP

Narnaul, 29 June

The district administration swung into action after a news item titled ‘Farmers wandering door-to-door for crop compensation, no hearing’ was published in ‘Dainik Tribune’ on June 27. Deputy Commissioner Monika Gupta held a meeting with officials of the Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Department and insurance companies at the Mini Secretariat on Thursday. The Deputy Commissioner gave clear instructions to the insurance company officials that by July 3, they should distribute the compensation to all the insured farmers. In case of failure to do so, a letter will be sent to the head office to blacklist the company in future. He said that despite taking all the action by the Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Department, the work of distribution of compensation to the insurance company is still pending. This is a very serious matter. He said that the farmers have also kept their point in the grievances meeting in the past. No injustice will be allowed to happen to the farmers. Strict action will be taken if the company does not distribute the compensation within the stipulated time. The Deputy Commissioner said that when the compensation has been distributed by the Haryana Government through the compensation portal, why has it not been given by the company yet. When he inquired about this from the officials of the Agriculture Department, he was told that the farmers have not been given compensation despite repeated reports being sent by the department.

The DC gave clear instructions to the representative of the insurance company that if the compensation is not distributed to the farmers by July 3, they will be blacklisted and will not be able to participate in the bidding for the next year in future. The aim of the government is that farmers should secure their crops with insurance so that they do not suffer financial loss in case of any kind of calamity. In such a situation, timely compensation should be distributed by the insurance companies. QCI Sanjay Yadav, SMS Satveer Singh, SA Pankaj from the Agriculture Department and Rahul Kumar, representative of the insurance company were present in the meeting.

Compensation is stuck since 2022

It is worth mentioning that the compensation of Rs 3 crore of about 10,000 farmers for the damaged Kharif crop in 2022 has not yet come into the accounts of the farmers, while the farmers have also registered their reports on the compensation portal. Farmers have visited the Agriculture Department office dozens of times for compensation, while the three-year tender of Reliance General Insurance Company, which insures the crop, has also expired on March 31, 2023. In this regard, on June 21 also, the farmers had submitted a memorandum to MP Dharamveer Singh demanding compensation for their crops soon, but even there the farmers have only received assurances. Joking is being done with the farmers in the district in the name of agriculture insurance. The farmers, who had got insurance through Kisan Credit Card, have not received compensation till date, farmers are forced to stumble every now and then.

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