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If that’s what they do today with green firewood…

On Sunday June 11, just one week after the local elections in Coahuila and the State of Mexico, by the way the only ones held this year, the National Council of Morena met in an extraordinary way. It met to comply with precise orders received from the head of the Executive, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

That this was indeed the case, that is, that they were strict and direct presidential orders, was known to public opinion through what was reported by the various media since the night of June 5. The cynicism that the ruling party has reached is such that it doesn’t even keep up appearances, as its PRI predecessors tried to do.

Well, on the mentioned date, as already said, the National Council of Morena met. He dictated a strange document for this purpose. This one bears the kilometric title of: “Agreement of the National Council of Morena so that in an impartial, democratic, unitary and transparent way it is possible to deepen and give continuity to the fourth transformation of public life in Mexico”, contained in 11 pages.

Why do I miss him from that document? In the first place, because nowhere in the Morena Statutes does it establish that the National Council of that party is empowered to dictate an Agreement like the one mentioned.

And secondly, because said Agreement provides for the appointment, through a survey, of a “coordinator of the transformation defense committees.” It goes without saying that the Morena Statutes do not provide for the existence of a “coordinating” body with such a name, let alone “defense committees”. Pure simulation then, deceit and lies, as befits the nature of that party.

However, the biggest simulation consists of the said coordinator of the defense of the transformation, to be selected among no more than “six guests”, that it is not even clear who invited them (although it is well known that it was AMLO) and whose names neither are they expressly mentioned (except in a shameful way its acronyms, yes, cited in the document in strict alphabetical order), that in reality it will not coordinate or defend anything but is called to be —it is supposed, if everything works out for them— the candidate of Morena and his allies in the 2024 presidential elections.

And it is likely that the great simulation exercise will not go well. Because the serious problems between the “guests” have already begun, better known under the nickname “corcholatas”, by a certain derogatory name that curiously they accept with pleasure. Ignominy has no limits.

Well, one of the rules established by the National Council of Morena (by the way, rules not registered in the INE) to carry out this simulation game, establishes that corcholatas “must behave in an austere manner, without wasting advertising expenses nor propaganda and reject all undemocratic practices such as hauling, coercion and alliances with groups or people in exchange for perks.

It is the exact opposite of what has been happening, particularly with regard to the president’s preferred candidate Claudia Sheinbaum. Annoyed to continue in that uneven game, this was pointed out vehemently in recent days by another of the corcholatas: Marcelo Ebrard. But not only that but something even more serious. He denounced that the resources with which this propaganda waste is being financed come from public coffers, specifically from the government of Mexico City and the Ministry of Well-being.

The waste is undeniable. Millions of Mexicans have witnessed it throughout the national territory. It has undoubtedly exceeded the spending ceiling set by the INE several times. So that later they do not become victims if the electoral authority rejects the registration of Sheinbaum’s candidacy. And even more serious if they come from the public treasury.

From the above, something additional that must be considered is the following: if they do that today among themselves, what will AMLO, Morena and their allies against the opposition in next year’s campaign not be willing to do later?

In other words, if that’s what they do now with green firewood, what won’t they do later with dry firewood? We will see, we will see, although from now on it is guessed.

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