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If more hair is visible in the comb than on the head, then try this home remedy, new hair will come back!

These home remedies remove dullness of hair

Hair Care Tips: The ability of the hair to absorb and retain moisture is called the porosity of the hair. Hair with high porosity is very frizzy and dry. This problem increases further in humid weather. The problem of hair fall and entanglement is also more in this type of hair. Hair looks dull and lifeless. Excessive use of chemicals and heating on hair increases their porosity and makes them lifeless. Let us know which home remedies can be useful for such hair care.

Natural Remedies to Stop Hair Fall

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

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Apple cider vinegar proves to be an excellent home remedy for frizzy and matted hair. The potassium and acetic acid present in it helps in removing dullness of hair. After shampooing the hair, mix equal amount of vinegar in water and apply it on the entire length of the hair with the help of hands. Wash with normal water after some time.

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2. Almond Oil and Egg

Almond oil contains natural moisturizer and it works as a conditioner for hair. The protein found in egg prevents hair from getting tangled. Prepare a mixture by mixing almond oil and egg and apply it from the roots to the ends of the hair. Leave it on the hair for 40 minutes and then shampoo it. Apply a good conditioner on wet hair.

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3. Coconut Oil and Vitamin E

Vitamin E is rich in anti-oxidants which protects the hair from free radicals. Coconut oil deeply nourishes the hair. Mix coconut oil and Vitamin E and apply from scalp to the ends of the hair. Shampoo after half an hour.

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