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“If education is done properly then…” Governor Arif Mohammad Khan said on Hijab and Azaan

HIjab Azaan Row: Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan reacts to the Hijab controversy

new Delhi:

Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan has reacted to the controversy over the demand for ban on hijab in many parts of the country including Karnataka and azaan on loudspeakers from mosques in Maharashtra. Khan said that the hijab controversy is meant to exploit people and to avoid such troubles, good education and writing of people is necessary. On the sidelines of the Lok Sansad program organized in the NDMC auditorium, Khan said when asked about Ajan in Karnataka that it is not an issue. Some right-wing organizations and BJP leaders have demanded that mosques stop the use of loudspeakers. He says that this becomes a problem for the people living in the surrounding areas.


On the protest against Azaan in Karnataka, Khan said, talking about it is helping those people. Would you like to help them? The Governor of Kerala said that people can take care of themselves if given proper education. All these things are meant to exploit the public. If you educate people properly, they will take care of themselves. Khan said that obstacles keep coming but India is sure to move forward.

Speaking as the chief guest at Lok Sansad, Khan had earlier said that India has the potential to become a Vishwa Guru once again. India has the potential to become a world guru once again and for this our tendency to hide our knowledge tradition needs to be abandoned. It should be ensured that no child in the country is deprived of education.

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia, who was present at the program, said that education has become the priority of the people but it is not yet a national, administrative, political priority. There is a need to draw a bottom line on the quality of education being provided by the educational institutions in the country. needed. He said, “India cannot move from a developing nation to a developed nation unless there is a standard of providing quality education to the children.

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