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“I wish I could become a man”, due to periods, the woman player’s pain, the claim ended in the French Open

Women’s player’s claim ended due to menstruation in French Open

“I wish I was a man”, French Open 19-year-old Chinese player Zheng Qinwen said this on the compulsion to abandon her claim of victory in the French Open due to menstrual pain in the middle of the game. She was playing against world number one Iga Swiatek on Monday. Chinese player Ne Zheng Ne had to withdraw from the game amid pain during the shock French Open. For this reason he had to say that “I wish I could be a man.” Playing in his first match, Zheng quickly took a 6-7 lead in the first innings. But then she lost 6-0, 6-2 in her last-16 tie. World No 74 had to take a medical timeout in the second set due to a right leg injury. But he told that this was not his big concern.


Zheng said, “It was because of the girls’ troubles. The first day is always so difficult and then I had to play. As always, the first day I was in a lot of pain.”

“I can’t go against my nature.” I hope I can be a man and I don’t have to go through this pain. it’s very difficult.”

In an 82-minute opening set, Zheng saved five points from the first set, then scored his own two and then took the first 2/5 in a tieback to lead the world number one. This was the first time Swiatec had lost a set for the first time since April 23.

As the 2020 Ronald Garros champion began to lose strength, Zheng had to take a medical timeout during the second set at 0-3.

Zheng defeated 2018 champion Simona Halep in her fourth round. And then immediately returned with bandages on the straight thigh.

Swiatec got a double break in the decider while Zheng was exhausted by then.

Zheng said, “The leg pain made it difficult but it was easy next to the stomach pain, I could not play my tennis because the stomach was hurting too much. I do my best on the field, but this Its difficult.”

At the same time, Swiatec said after reaching the quarter-finals for the third year in a row, “Zheng played great tennis, I was surprised to see some of his shots.”.

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