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“I will sell my clothes if…”: Pakistan PM Shehbaz Sharif gave such a warning

Pakistan: PM Shahbaz Sharif targeted former Prime Minister Imran Khan in his rally

Pakistan Prime Minister of Shahbaz Sharif (PM Shehbaz Sharif) Has warned Mahmud Khan of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He said that if he does not bring down the price of 10 kg flour bag below Rs 400 in the next 24 hours, then he will sell his clothes and provide the cheapest flour to the people himself. Addressing the public at Thakara Stadium on Sunday, the Prime Minister said, “I repeat my words. I will sell my clothes and provide the cheapest wheat flour to the people.”


The atmosphere of political heat was seen in the public meeting of the Prime Minister. he former prime minister Imran Khan But he said that he has gifted the country the highest unemployment rate and inflation rate.

Prime Minister Sharif has also slammed the former government of Imran Khan, saying that he failed to live up to its promise of providing five million houses and 10 million jobs and pushed the country into economic crisis.

According to Pakistan newspaper Dawn, Shahbaz Sharif said during the rally, “I declare this with all my heart before you that I will lay down my life but will take this country on the path of progress and development.” Shahbaz Sharif said during the rally.

Talking about the Balochistan elections, the Prime Minister said that people have reposed faith in him and came out to vote in his favour.

At the same time, he said, “It is rare that people of Balochistan reach the polling stations in such large numbers. As I thought, the vote percentage was 30 – 35%. This strengthens people’s faith in democracy, law and order.”

He also blamed Imran Khan for rising oil prices in Pakistan. Shahbaz Sharif said, “Imran Khan, who publicly insulted everyone, reduced the prices of petrol products at a time when the prices were rising all over the world. But he did this because he had realized that he was uprooted from power. The tax will be thrown away.”

In his rally, Prime Minister Sharif also praised his brother and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. He said, “I had back pain when I was coming here to meet you but I enjoyed my visit because I remembered how much Nawaz Sharif is loved by the people of this country.”

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