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I will never be on the side of betrayal; Mexiquenses will define decision in Morena: Higinio

Senator Higinio Martínez announced that Morena no later than September will define who will lead the project to remove the PRI from power in 2023, and that everyone will have to be listened to in order to achieve consensus and come together, above excessive ambitions and pettiness because it is not good to cut illusions that can have unpredictable consequences.

Before leaders of the 125 municipalities of the state and some 20,000 attendees at the State Convention of “Mexiquenses de Corazón”, Martínez pointed out that in the State of Mexico a government of change and transformation is possible, with certainty, “that defeats the PRI and the panuchos.”

He also stated: “I don’t think of any other option than to represent you with all the dignity that our lives have given. I no longer aspire to what the Creator decides about my walk. I am happy, despite the signs of disloyalty, I believe in each and every one of you standing up and facing me, with my heart, I tell you that reason is on our side and we will have to succeed in this first stage”.

Martínez Miranda attended the Convention held in Texcoco as a guest, where he was once again supported by militants and to whom he expressed that treachery and disloyalty have never been and will never be on his side, since there is no vulgar or excessive ambition in the movement.

“Much less is the irresponsibility of working for something that we are not prepared or do not have the responsibility to carry out successfully: change and transformation in our state.”

“No one who is not from the State of Mexico, and who knows our work of more than 30 years for this entity and in which we have given results, can deny us the right to lead the destinies of this great entity.”

Before the thousands of conventionists, stated that it will be subject to criticism and also to the lies and slander of those from Morena, and external enemiesThey produce large amounts daily from envy and selfishness.

He said yes to the polls, but to all Mexiquenses, to the conventionists themselves, whether they are militants or sympathizers and Texcocans in general, so that they express their opinion of who they want to lead the movement that, far from pettiness, gives certainty to the state of that there will be a government of change and transformation. It’s not about winning for the sake of winning, said the left-wing militant.

Before the cries of Governor, Governor…! Martínez Miranda asked that everyone’s opinion be heard in Toluca but also in Mexico Citybecause the leaders will have to assume the responsibility of arriving united before who will be the protagonist of the true change, before the historical possibility.

“I’m talking about the designation, it has never been good to cut illusions in bloom, because the consequences that derive from it will always be unpredictable.”

He reported that he will heed the call of President Andrés Manuel, to whom he endorsed his support and loyalty, to continue with this peaceful mobilization and within the field of civility and respect. For this reason, he will dedicate a minimum of 14 hours of his time to it, as the president does.

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