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‘I was tortured in a dark room’: Woman accuses Andhra Police of vandalism

The Andhra Pradesh Police has denied the allegations leveled by the woman.


Andhra Pradesh K Chittoor Police Station a woman in custody A case of alleged beating and torture has come to light. In a video shared on Twitter by Telugu Desam Party (TDP), M Umamaheswari of Laxmi Nagar Colony claimed that she was harassed by police officers near Chittoor 1 Town police station and pressured by the owner to accept the charge of theft. was inserted, which was absolutely false. The woman says that she was working as a domestic help in Chittoor’s district jail superintendent.


Umamaheswari told that there was a clash between Venugopal Reddy and his wife over some missing money. At that time she was working at his house. At that time both of them had also inquired about the stolen money, to which the woman clearly replied saying that she had no information about the money. filed a complaint, in which it was alleged that he had paid Rs.
‘s stolen. After this, the woman was taken into custody for the theft of Rs 2 lakh. Based on the complaint, the police questioned both Umamaheshwari and her husband. Umamaheshwari claimed that the police forcibly pressured her to accept the charge and pay the money back.

The video of this case has also been released. In this, Umamaheshwari alleged that the police harassed me. Used foul language against me. Not only this, I was tortured in a dark room. He was not even allowed to return home till late at night. Chittoor 1 Town police sub-inspector Srinivasa Rao denied the woman’s allegations and said there was no truth in her statements.

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Police said that Venugopal Reddy filed a case of theft of Rs 2 lakh against Umamaheswari from the house. Based on the complaint, the police investigation started. The woman was called to the police station by sending a formal notice and interrogated. The woman has also admitted that she has taken the money.

During interrogation with the police, the woman disclosed that the money is with her husband Dina. The woman said that if the police gives permission, she will go to her husband and bring back the money. The police did not harass or torture the woman. Nor has abusive words been used against the accused woman, because when the police asked to return the money, the woman started accusing the police itself.


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