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“I Was Impressed By Meeting With Modi”: US Think-Tank Expert After Meeting Indian PM

American experts held a meeting with PM Narendra Modi in New York.

New York:

Dr Max Abrams, an expert associated with the American think-tank, who had an opportunity to interact with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday (local time), praised the openness of the Indian leader.

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Abrams, associate professor of political science at Northeastern University, Boston, tweeted, “I was really impressed with the meeting with Modi. We were not told in advance about any limits on what could be said. He told everyone He was allowed to ask or tell anything. He listened attentively and gave serious answers to everyone. He sat in the middle of us and spoke politely.”

The meeting of PM Modi and the group of experts from the think tank focused on important topics like geopolitics, global economic situation and terrorism.

Experts attending the meeting included Michael Froman, President Nominee and Distinguished Fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) New York. and Daniel Russell, Vice President, International Security and Diplomacy, Asia Society Policy Institute, New York, Jeff M. Smith, Director, Center for Asian Studies, The Heritage Foundation, DC, Elbridge Colby, Co-Founder of The Marathon Initiative, Washington DC, and Indus International Guru Sowell, Founder Member and Director (Indo-US Affairs), Research Foundation, Texas, attended the meeting.

PM Modi met experts from several leading American think tanks in New York and discussed several developmental and geopolitical issues. He invited them to India.

PM Modi tweeted, “Met a group of people associated with leading think tanks. We talked about various aspects of policy making and emerging global trends. Positive changes in India and how they are being driven by our youth.” is, insisted on it.”

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