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“I hugged him and we were crying with emotion and happiness,” said the niece of one of the Argentines rescued from Hamas.

The young Guefen Sigal Ilan is Israeli but like her entire family she also has Argentine citizenship. She is the niece of Fernando Simón Marman, one of the two Argentines rescued by Israeli forces from one of the Hamas hideouts early Monday morning. Norberto Louis Har, the other hostage, is her mother’s boyfriend.

Guefen does not hide his joy in a telephone conversation he had with Clarín this Monday. But as when she met with the head of the Argentine embassy in Tel Aviv, Francisco Tropepi, and with ambassador Eyal Sela, in Buenos Aires, Guefen feels that they will have peace when she manages to get the 134 hostages of the fundamentalist and terrorist group to recover. freedom.

Were you able to say hello to your uncle?

-Yes Fernando. We call him Nano

-What did you talk to him about? What did they say?

-I am precisely with him, we are with him now in the Hospital. I came out alone to do this interview

-But what was the first thing they said to each other? What did they say?

-I hugged him and we were crying with emotion, with happiness. I told him that I am very, very happy, that he is here, that he has been rescued, that he returned to his home. I told him and Louis too.

– Are Fernando and Lous still together?

– If we are all together in the Hospital, in Tel Aviv. When they rescue kidnapped people or when they release kidnapped people, they first take them to the hospital for check-ups and rehabilitation.

-They are skinnier. And you can see that the skin has a different color. As there was no daylight. Four months locked up is a lot.

Is that what impacted you the most?

-What impacted the most is that they are well, that they walk, that they walk, that they speak well. Yes indeed.

-Do you know what conditions they were in? ¿Without sunlight during all that time, what did they say about their confinement?

-They didn’t tell much about the conditions. I understood that they were in captivity, in inhumane conditions. That they couldn’t eat well, they couldn’t sleep, they couldn’t be free. They all came out very, very complicated, very complicated.

-What is known about his captivity? When they caught them, were they always in the apartment on the second floor of Rafah from which they were rescued?

-Unfortunately we cannot tell many details of the military operation. We are still missing 134 kidnapped people who we are waiting for to be released. I asked the Israeli government to negotiate and for the world to help us make that negotiation so that everyone is released.

But did they see other hostages in captivity, whether Argentine or not?

Unfortunately they did not see more kidnapped people during captivity. But they were all together at the beginning. They were with my aunt and my mother and my cousin. But when they were freed, they separated from them and the two of them were left alone together.

Guefen refers to the fact that both Fernando and Louis were held captive with their mother Clara Marman, with their aunt Gabriela Leimberg, and with Mía Leimberg, the young Argentine girl who, when the three were released, was surprised because she had been able to hide her dog Shih tzu.

What do you know about the liberation operation?

What I tell you is that I am very grateful to the soldiers, the Israeli National Security Service, who did everything they could and in the best way to rescue them. I want to thank them with all my heart for what they did and also say that I am sad for the soldiers who died and those who are injured (on the day of the operation). I only see the result and I am very happy about that. Grateful.

And what did you hear Louis say?

The same thing that Nano said, that they were in inhumane conditions. And now they are very, very happy that we are all together, that they are freed to do rehabilitation. Now it’s still a little difficult. It is difficult because there are 134 people missing who must be released and until they return the rehabilitation cannot be carried out quietly.

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