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“I governed difficult places, I have that advantage”, the message of María Eugenia Vidal for Bullrich and Larreta

The former governor of the province of Buenos Aires spoke about her presidential candidacy within Together for Change.

With Mauricio Macri out of the race to win the presidential candidacy of Together for Change, the internal opposition begins little by little to settle.

Added to the names of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Patricia Bullrich is that of the former Buenos Aires governor María Eugenia Vidal who, despite not formally launching her candidacy, is listed on the and sends messages to the other referents of the PRO by highlighting that he has more management experience governing difficult places.

“Argentina does not resist improvisations or that someone comes to learn in office. Among those of us who have grown up in the PRO, I feel that (I am) the one that has governed the most difficult places like the province of Buenos Aires, going through the most crises. Of those who remain in this vocation I have that advantage“, he remarked.

In that sense, stressed that she always felt supported by Macri in her decisions, and that he would present himself for a candidacy only in the case of not going against him. “I always felt accompanied by him, he was the one who encouraged me to go to the province. He encourages me to follow that path, I don’t care what other people think of my space, what matters most to me is what Argentines think. I I did not launch a presidential candidacy, with more humility I say that I am building a path,” he said.

“I have an experience of governing 17 million Argentines in the province and 3 million with Mauricio in the City, I want to put that at the service of others. I do not want to be part of what I criticize, we are discussing candidacies and Argentines are in a more painful frequency, poverty, inflation, go to Ezeiza to say goodbye to their children,” he added in an interview on Rivadavia radio.

Vidal ruled out that the number of names that are circling today in Juntos is a problem, and spoke of “clear rules” to avoid conflict. “R”Rules that eliminate the disqualification of the other, do not use the other’s weakness, that the discussions be ordered and there is no need to vote for one or the other. That if we all sign it would be a demonstration of maturity, that the competition makes us better,” he said.

“The PRO has to be open to discussions, propose the best path, prioritize what Argentines need, not what leaders want. Not what I say, or what Patricia or Horacio say. It seems to me that you have to occupy everyone who wants to occupy a space, that it will be a rule for everyone, “she said.

“We talk about what is best for each candidate, but the Argentines need us to tell them how to prevent poverty from being less next semester,” he summarized.

“Government drowning slaps”

Vidal fired at the government and maintained that he is giving “drowned slaps” trying to get to the elections. “The slaps that the government gives last less and less. They touch pensioner funds, they closed an exchange with bankers that only benefits them and not the Argentines. All this is the cost and suffering of Argentines in the future,” he launched.

“When they came with the IMF agreement, in the quarantine, heThe opposition was always willing to help to this government. But he doesn’t let himself be helped and doesn’t admit that he doesn’t know the way. It’s months away, but they can make everything more painful,” he said.

He also targeted the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa. “I believe that the dialogue we had with Massa (during his tenure in the province) was defined by the fact that he was not a Kirchnerista. It was a space where he wanted to end the K, in that context we spoke with him. It is one thing to talk and another is to solve problems. Not willing to make profound changes. There are changes that if we make them today, better”

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