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Hundreds of Twitter employees quit after Elon Musk’s ultimatum, offices closed after resignations

After the ownership of Elon Musk, many apprehensions are being expressed about Twitter.

Hundreds of Twitter employees have left the beleaguered social media company following an ultimatum from new boss Elon Musk. cnbc According to the report, after the resignations, many offices of Twitter have been closed till Monday. There itself Writers According to a survey on workplace app Blind, 42% of 180 people “chosen to leave”. 25% of poll participants “reluctantly and reluctantly clicked yes.” Only 7% “clicked yes to stay and said – I’m hardcore.” Let us tell you that Workplace App Blind verifies employees around the world. He verifies through their work email addresses and allows them to share information anonymously.

“Musk was meeting some of the top employees and trying to persuade them to stay,” said a current employee and one who recently left the company. However, it is not clear how many employees have decided to stay. Chosen for. But the number of people leaving the company only highlights the reluctance.” Musk has also changed the company’s working style as well as hastening to dismiss half of its employees, including Twitter’s top management. According to two sources, the company informed employees that it would close its offices as of Monday and cut off access to badges. A source said that the security officials have started evacuating the employees from the office on Thursday evening.

Twitter has lost several members of its communications team. These people did not respond to requests for comment on the matter. According to the former employee, in a private conversation with about 50 Twitter employees on Signal, about 40 said they had decided to quit. About 360 people have joined a new channel called “voluntary-layoffs,” a private Slack group of current and former Twitter employees, said a person with knowledge of the Slack group. A separate survey on Blind asked employees to estimate what percentage of employees would leave Twitter. More than half of the respondents estimate that at least 50% of the workforce will leave.

Blue hearts and salute emojis flooded Twitter and its internal chatrooms on Thursday. This happened for the second time in two weeks, when Twitter employees said goodbye to the job in such numbers. As of 6 p.m. ET in review by Reuters, more than two dozen Twitter employees in the United States and Europe announced they were leaving their jobs in public Twitter posts. However, each resignation could not be independently verified. On Wednesday morning, Musk emailed Twitter employees saying, “Going forward, building a successful Twitter 2.0 and succeeding in an increasingly competitive world will require us to be hardcore.”

On the mail, employees were asked to click yes, who would be deemed to want to work and those who would not respond by 5 pm on Thursday would be deemed not to want to be with the company and would be thrown out of the company. Action to be taken. As the deadline approached, a team within Twitter decided to quit en masse. Many out-of-work engineers wrote “softcore engineer” or “ex-hardcore engineer” on their Twitter profile bios on Thursday.

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