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‘Humanitarian and social work will be affected in 16 states’, Oxfam India on cancellation of FCRA

The group said, “As per the list issued by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs on January 1, 2022, Oxfam India’s FCRA registration renewal request has been rejected… which means that Oxfam India will immediately be liable for any of its work in India.” Will not be able to get foreign money with effect.”

Oxfam India CEO Amitabh Behar said, “This decision of the Ministry of Home Affairs will hamper the organization’s efforts to provide relief to those who need it the most in this time of crisis.”

FCRA license of more than 12,000 NGOs including Jamia Millia, Oxfam India revoked, will not be able to take foreign donations

Behar said, “… In this period of Covid Pandemic, the important humanitarian and social work going on in 16 states… This includes work like providing food to the most vulnerable communities of the country.”

“Our work over the years has always been in the public interest and guided by the principle of creating lasting solutions to address the injustice of poverty,” he said in the statement. The aim has been to eliminate it and create a free and just society.”

Let us inform that after the FCRA license of Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity was not renewed, the FCRA license of more than 12,000 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) across the country expired on Friday, December 31, 2021. The Home Ministry said on Saturday morning that most of the 6,000+ NGOs had not applied for renewal of licences.

Voluntary organizations have to take a license under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act-FCRA to receive donations and donations from abroad.

A total of over 12,000 NGOs, including Oxfam India Trust, Jamia Millia Islamia, Indian Medical Association and Leprosy Mission, are among the institutions that have lost FCRA licenses. Apart from these, Tuberculosis Association of India, Indira Gandhi National Center for Arts and India Islamic Cultural Center are also included in this long list.

Oxfam India and Oxfam India Trust are on the list of NGOs whose FCRA validity limit certificates have expired and not in the list whose certificates have been cancelled. The FCRA license has been canceled for those who either did not apply for renewal, or their renewal request has been rejected.


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