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Huge news for Spanish basketball: Marc Gasol postpones his retirement

Great news for Spanish basketball. Marc Gasol will play at their 37 springs, in the Endesa League. This has been advanced exclusively by the newspaper L’Sportiu. If confirmed, the owner, president and pivot of Básket Girona will set aside the withdrawal he had decided on and will lead his team in its return to the ACB after winning the playoff final for promotion to the LEB Oro over Estudiantes in Fontajau ( 60-66).

Marc put a lump in the throat of his own fans when he did not want to confirm that he would continue playing for another year in the middle of the promotion celebration: “Now what we have to do is enjoy ourselves, we’ll see what comes next year, not now I want to think about nothing else, but to enjoy the moment”, eluded at that moment the answer about his future the Catalan, who arrived at Girona last November.

amazing lap

Rarely has such a tremendous impact of a player on the fate of a team in the middle of the season been seen in basketball. Marc joined Girona when his squad had added seven consecutive defeats and was closer to relegation than to the promotion playoff positions. Everything changed with the Gasol middleweight on the track. 19 wins with authentic numbers MVP: 14.5 points, 8.2 rebounds and 2.6 assists to get fourth in the standings. In the playoffs they got rid of Leyma Coruña, Força Lleida and in the grand final of a Estudiantes team that was the great favorite for promotion.

Now, thanks to Marc, Girona will enjoy the elite of Spanish basketball 14 years later.

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