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Huge increase in the cash flow controlled by the picketers: the Government will give them 204% more funds in 2024

The Government plans a budget 2024 with a 197% increase in resources allocated to the Ministry of Social Development, but with an even greater increase in the two central items, which control piqueteros movements and La Cámpora. Potenciar Trabajo will have 204% more funds than this yearwhile the Alimentar Card will increase your resources by 212%.

The huge figure represents an exponential increase even above the inflation expected from January to December 2023, considering that the annual projection is 169%. So, The funds that piqueteros and La Cámpora will manage rise nearly 30 points in real terms.

The 2024 budget allocates almost $3.5 billion to the Ministry of Social Development led by Victoria Tolosa Paz, whose dominant programs are Empowering Work and Food Policies, which concentrate 90% of all ministerial resources: $1.8 billion for the first, $1.38 billion for the second.

Enhance Work It is the fund that the picketers have been fighting for since the beginning of Alberto Fernández’s government, increasingly fueled by resources to cover the needs of 1.3 million beneficiaries who receive, in most cases without working, the equivalent at half the vital and mobile minimum wage.

Emilio Pérsico, from the Evita Movement, entering the Ministry of Social Development. Photo: Emmanuel Fernández.

The head of that program, since December 2019 and at least until the end of this year, is Emilio Pérsico, the secretary of Social Economy and key leader of the Movement Avoid. Pérsico was empowered by Alberto Fernández and is responsible, at the same time, for paying and collecting resources from the same program. It is estimated that Evita has around 150,000 beneficiaries who receive Potenciar.

The increase in resources that it will have, from one year to the next, is truly impressive. In January it started with a forecast of $590,896 millionafter a reallocation of the item it went to $ 1 billion, and now, If the budget is approved in Congress, it will go to $1.8 trillion. Exactly 204% more than in January.

The La Cámpora box

In the case of the Feed Card, is a game that depends directly on La Cámpora, since its owner is Laura Valeria Alonso, who responds politically to Máximo Kirchner. Unlike Potenciar Trabajo, which does not have clear control by the State, the sending of food resources is done in parallel with the payment of ANSeS funds for the AUH.

Victoria Tolosa Paz and Sergio Massa recently announced a 40% increase in the Alimentar Card. Victoria Tolosa Paz and Sergio Massa recently announced a 40% increase in the Alimentar Card.

The increase in funds to the Alimentar Card, which includes a total of 1.4 million beneficiaries, is even higher than that of Potenciar Trabajo, exactly 212% more than what started this yearThat is, it went from $442,776 million to the $1.38 billion it will receive next year. In the middle, there had been a substantial increase in funds that had taken resources, until December of this year, to $776.3 billion.

The other small Development boxes

About 10% of Social Development resources are left out of the Strengthen Work and Food Policies funds. But in such a heavy budget, They already represent more than $300,000 million that will be distributed in small boxes that today are handled by different Kirchnerism leaders.

Territorial Approach It is another attractive budget in terms of resources and power to manage in Social Development. It also depends on La Cámpora, from the leader Eugenia Meana, who in her networks defines herself as a “feminist Peronist.”

Victoria Tolosa Paz, Minister of Social Development.Victoria Tolosa Paz, Minister of Social Development.

The funds it has been receiving increased considerably during the year: they started at $51,922 million, rose to $68,247 million, and from 2024 they will be $129,550 million, 149% more than what was stipulated in January of this year. However, in percentage terms, it would rise below inflation.

Urban Socio Integration It is another program that is on the rise, although with a much more limited budget. Led by Ramona Fernanda Miño, leader of Juan Grabois, next year it will have resources of $19,964 million. A curiosity arises in this case: the figure represents almost double the $11,213 million that it managed in January, but well below the $32,847 million that it manages now, through reallocations.

Finally, the Comprehensive Approach Secretariat It has also been growing periodically, led by Micaela Ferraro, leader of the Renewal Front of the presidential Sergio Massa. In 2023 it began with funds of $2,966 million, which has already become $14,966 million. For ’24, however, it will have resources of $5,764 million, a figure intermediate between both amounts.

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