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How to properly clean cell phone and computer screens

Some studies estimate that, every day, a person touches the screen of his phone mobile 2,617 times. In this way, screens are places where dirt accumulates, such as dust and hand grease.

But cell phones, especially screens, also host microorganisms. Some bacteria are the same ones that live on the skin, staphylococcus, and, therefore, they are not of concern.

Now, if the phone passed through the hands of people who have been in a hospital, such as patients, visitors or healthcare personnel, it is likely to harbor bacteria that can transmit diseases.

In any case, it is always advisable clean the screen and the rest of the phone for disinfect it and remove all types of dirt, including fingerprint traces.

What is the best ingredient to leave your cell phone screen like new?

Several technology portals agree, first, on which elements are inadvisable when it comes to clean the mobile. These include toilet paper, disposable wipes, cloths that leave lint, liquids for cleaning glass, common alcohol and products that contain ammonia or are abrasive.

These products, effective for cleaning many other objects and places in the house, damage the anti-reflective coating of the screen, which also has numerous electronic circuits. So, to make it look like new, you have to use other products and follow a small routine.

He first step It is obvious: turn off the mobile phone, because the touchscreen character makes the screens very sensitive to touch. If it is kept on, the device will continue to receive “orders” as the screen is cleaned.

It is very important to avoid products such as disinfectant gel, pure alcohol, glass cleaner, sanitary towels, grease removers or nail polish remover.

You must also disconnect it from any external power source and cover all ports to avoid damage. To prevent water from accumulating on the layer that protects the back, the cover must be removed.

Then you have to get a soft microfiber cloth cloth. That is, the one usually used to clean lenses. Dampen the cloth with water and wipe it over the phone to remove fingerprints and stains.

For deeper cleaning You will have to resort to water and isopropyl alcohol (70%), used to clean and degrease electronic circuits. The mixture should contain 60% water and 40% alcohol.

Cell phone cleaning.  Photo: Shutterstock.Cell phone cleaning. Photo: Shutterstock.

Also known as isopropanol, it is very useful for cleaning electronic components, such as PCs, tablets, televisions and professional cameras, in addition to disinfecting floors, clothing, furniture and appliances. It is different from ethyl alcohol, or ethanol, commonly used to disinfect wounds.

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