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How to prevent your Facebook posts from being changed?

Although, now, there are other social networks, Facebook It continues to maintain the largest number of users around the world. This despite the fact that many young people prefer TikTok and instagrambecause the social network pioneering is essential for personal and business dissemination.

The posts from an account They can only be modified by their author. However, those who have access to that profile (friends) can make all kinds of comments and add links. Groups, especially when they are public, facilitate access to people who make publications unrelated to their topic or even links to suspicious or pornographic profiles.

With this panorama, keep account securesafe from strangers and malicious actors, is increasingly important for the proper management of this social network.

How to prevent your Facebook posts from being changed?

The first line of defense to avoid modifications unauthorized in your publications is to understand and properly configure the options of privacy on Facebook. Adjusting your privacy settings allows you to determine who can see your posts and who can interact with them. Limit the audience to close friends or select groups significantly reduces the risk of malicious alterations.

The labels They allow other users to add content to posts, but can also open the door to modifications. To prevent these actions, review and adjust your tag settings to manually approve any mentions before they appear on the timeline.

Sometimes the activities of phishing or infection with malware can affect an account. Therefore, it is essential to recognize suspicious emails and links, in addition to keeping your antivirus software updated.

You have to be careful with all kinds of tricks and magic apps because they can pose a threat to the security of your account. Photo: Pexels.

The function of scheduled posts It allows you to plan the publication of content in advance, which provides consistency to the content and minimizes the risk of last-minute changes. This reduces the window of opportunity for someone else to make modifications.

Consider making regular backups of Facebook posts. Although the platform offers tools to download information, keeping your own backup copies can be useful in case the original content needs to be restored after an unwanted modification.

To manage who can and cannot publish on the Facebook account, follow the following procedure:

Consider making regular backups of Facebook posts.  Photo: EFE/ Sascha Steinbach ARCHIVE.Consider making regular backups of Facebook posts. Photo: EFE/ Sascha Steinbach ARCHIVE.

Click on the profile photo and select Setting and privacy and then in Settings. Click on Privacy again. In the left column, click on Profile and tagging. Look for the option Who can post on your profile? and click Edit. From the drop-down menu, choose Just me.

Group administrators should be very attentive to the activity of its members, to prevent unwanted publications. Better yet, always make groups private so that new members must request permission to join.

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