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How to make WhatsApp notify when a contact is online

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging application worldwide and this is due to the constant updates of its functions, both on cell phones and computers. Even for those that have not yet received improvements, there are applications in the Google Play and App Store download stores that manage to comply.

One of the features that has not yet received modifications is the notification that alerts when one of the contacts logs in, although for that it is necessary to download an extension from the Chrome Web Store and install it in the browser.

Of course, the version of the messenger for computers will only notify people who are connected while using the platform.

How to know if a contact is connected to WhatsApp

Those obsessive users can check the activity of their contact list without the need to enter their chat. To do this, they can download any of these applications on Android or iOS cell phones: WaStat – WhatsApp Tracker; Familog – WhatsApp Online Tracker; WhatsTracker: Las Seen and Online Tracker; and WhatsStat: Online Tracker.

These WhatsApp online trackers are characterized by having access to the functions that some users decide to hide from the messaging app. However, most offer a very short trial period and then you have to pay or, according to the reviews, they are not very reliable.

WaStat, the app that allows you to track the activity of WhatsApp contacts.

All these applications are configured in the same way: when you install it, it will request permissions to access your WhatsApp contacts and link them. You can also register a number manually, just like adding a contact on the phone.

WhatsApp lets you know who is online

Google Chrome also allows you to verify whether or not a user is active in the messaging service, as long as the WhatsApp Web version is used from the internet browser.

The WA Web Plus monitoring extension, available for the Google Chrome browser.

The WA Web Plus monitoring extension, available for the Google Chrome browser.

First, the user must click on the puzzle icon (extensions) that is located in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser. All those compatible with the Google internet browser will open there. Among the list you will have to look for WA Web Plus for WhatsApp and click on the three vertical dots on the right side.

Within the options, you will have to press the “Fix” option. In the upper right corner, a green cross-shaped icon will appear, that is the extension ‘WA Web Plus’.

The WhatsApp Web Plus options menu.

The WhatsApp Web Plus options menu.

Once you have the shortcut for the extension (fix), you have to enter WhatsApp Web on a regular basis.

After pressing the WA Web Plus WhatsApp Web icon in Google Chrome, a long list of options will open. You have to check the box that says “Notify about online contacts”. Now, while you are using the web version of WhatsApp, the application will notify you when each of your contacts is connected.

It should be noted the difference between being connected and online, two concepts that often confuse many WhatsApp users. When you are online, it means that you have WhatsApp open in the foreground of the device and you have an internet connection. On the other hand, whoever connects and disconnects from the application the registry remains and remains open for a few seconds, which seems to indicate that the person is still online.



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