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How to Like Instagram Stories

Instagram wants to end the saturation of private messages. The company’s product manager, Adam Mosseriwas in charge of revealing the new plans of the social network that includes a new way to react to stories with emojis and that are sent as a private message.

Through a video that he shared on his Twitter account, Adam Mosseri confirmed that since February 15, ‘likes’ are being implemented for videos and images on Instagram that disappear after 24 hours.

“The idea here is to make sure that people can express more support for each other, but also clean up the DMs a little bit,” Mosseri said.

The function is implemented in a new heart-shaped button located right next to the text box for sending responses. You can even undo a like by going back to the story and clicking on the heart icon at any time.

Unlike the likes on the posts of the feedother users won’t be able to see how many likes a certain story received and when you receive one a notification will arrive.

You will also have access to the number of followers who indicated that they like the story from the list of viewers, since they will have a heart icon next to their name.

The new “like” button on Instagram stories appears to the right of the dialog. Photo: capture.

At the moment there is no mass launch date, although Instagram began to distribute the function among a group of users.

In recent months, Instagram introduced new features to improve the user experience in the application. From allowing users to delete posts and comments in bulk, to the option to rearrange your feed.

“Take a breather”, the new thing on Instagram

The announcement with the “likes” is part of a series of news that began to arrive on the platform a week ago. Instagram pointed to the use that teenagers make of the service with a tool that urges them to “take a breather”.

The “Take A Break” ad appears on phone screens when the app has been used for a long time, Instagram director Adam Mosseri explained in a blog post. The feature was initially enabled in the United States, the UK United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and Australia and next year it will be in other parts of the world, he added.

The function "To take a brake" of Instagram will urge young people to pause the use of the platform in the future.  Photo: Pexels.

Instagram’s “Take a Break” feature will encourage young people to pause using the platform in the future. Photo: Pexels.

Users will see announcements about that new program and will be encouraged to take more breaks in the future, according to the blog. It is one of the measures taken by Facebook, now known as Meta Platforms, amid criticism for not doing enough to protect minors from harmful content and under the threat of new official regulations.

On the other hand, Instagram announced that early next year it will offer tools for parents that will allow them to know how much time their children spend on Instagram, and limit that time.

Instagram also indicated that it is working on mechanisms for eprevent a person from tagging or mentioning a teenager that is not following them, to encourage the user to do other things if they have been viewing a single topic for a long time, and stricter measures on recommended messages, hashtags and accounts, in order to prevent the spread of harmful or sensitive content.


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