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How to know the identity of an unknown number when receiving a call

Phone calls from unknown numbers They are quite recurring. They usually come from telemarketing companies offering a product or even scammers wanting to collect personal data.

Accustomed to not answering those phone numbers that are not scheduled, many times we could be rejecting an important call. This is why there is a application that identifies the identity of an unknown number and even allows you to record calls.

How to identify an unknown number?

The application TrueCaller It allows you to identify calls from unknown numbers in a simple way, as well as block and report them. This service It is available for Android and Apple devices, and it is free.

The unknown number is registered in the application’s database, making it easier to know which calls to answer and which to reject.

The unknown number is registered in the application’s database. Photo: iStock.

How to use the TrueCaller app, step by step

  1. Enter the Play Store or App Store and download the app.
  2. After installing it, TrueCaller will ask for some permissions. You must provide them for it to work correctly.
  3. Validate your account. For this, the application will ask the person to enter their phone number and wait for a verification text message or call.
  4. Create an account. It can be done manually or by linking your Google or Facebook account.
TrueCaller for Apple.  Photo: App Store.TrueCaller for Apple. Photo: App Store.

Once the application is installed, it can be used normally. When a friend or relative who is on your cell phone’s contact list calls, TrueCaller will say the name. If it is an unknown number, the app will search its (user’s) database and show the identity of the person or company.

If the call is dangerous and was reported, a warning will appear such as Spam Call, They call and hang up, Scammers, among others.

TrueCaller for Android.  Photo: Play Store.TrueCaller for Android. Photo: Play Store.

The app allows you to record calls

To use the call recording tool, some settings must be made in the application, granting additional permissions.

During a call a record button at the bottom. You must touch there and grant Storage and Accessibility permissions.

Then, the application can record phone calls easily, just by pressing the corresponding button. It is important to perform these steps before a call that we want to record.

Also calls can be automatically recorded, without the need to touch additional buttons. To do this, open the side panel of the application, go to Call recordingcheck the box record automatically, and ready. From that moment on, all calls will be recorded.

It is important to clarify that the recording quality of the app depends on the cell phone hardware. This is because TrueCaller records calls using a microphone, and therefore there will be a difference in volume in both voices.

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