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How to justify not voting in the Buenos Aires Province Elections 2023: this way you can do the process online

Those who appear on the electoral roll of the Province of Buenos Aires and are absent on the day of the October general elections They must present a justification to avoid possible economic sanctions and the impossibility of carrying out procedures before national, provincial and state organizations of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires in an entire year.

To be in order, there is a procedure to be carried out through the Internet. In turn, documents must be sent that corroborate that there was a force majeure reason that prevented them from approaching their voting station.

The offenders they have 60 days since the elections to present the form to the Electoral Justice, since otherwise the fine will automatically be added to the Registry of Offenders of each person.

How to justify not voting: step by step.

Elections 2023 Province of Buenos Aires: how to justify not voting step by step

To check if any are owed penalty fee You must go to the website of the National Electoral Chamber (CNE) and enter the “Registry of Offenders” category.

To enter you only have to enter the document number, gender and electoral district, in addition to writing the validation code requested by the page. Finally, you must click on “Consult” to check if any fine is owed for not voting.

Then, a list will be displayed with the guys of justifications permitted not to attend on election day. Subsequently, you must attach the documentation that proves the reason selected in the previous stage, enter the telephone number, an email address and click on the “Proceed” option.

Justify not voting: what are the valid reasons for not voting in the elections.Justify not voting: what are the valid reasons for not voting in the elections.

If you are listed as an offender, you must choose between the following options to continue:

  • Generate the payment slip, if it is not subject to any of the causes of art. 12 of the National Electoral Code and/or the deadline to request justification has expired.
  • Claim a payment made, if the payment of the fine made is not displayed in the system (payments are updated within 48 hours from the moment they are made effective).
  • Make a claim, if your situation is not correctly registered (for example, because you went to vote and you have the die that certifies it, but you appear as an offender in the consultation)

Meanwhile, the fine for not voting can be paid directly on the website of the National Electoral Chamber (CNE) with any means of digital payment, or in person at any of the offices of the Banco de la Nación Argentina (BNA) in cash. , with Mercado Pago or with bank transfer.

Justify not voting in the Province of Buenos Aires: what are the valid reasons for not voting in the 2023 elections

  • The judges and their assistants who, by rule of this law, must attend their offices and keep them open for the duration of the election;
  • Those under 18 years of age and people over 75 years of age.
  • Those who on election day are more than five hundred (500) kilometers from the place where they must vote and justify that the distance is due to reasonable reasons. Such voters will present themselves on election day to the nearest police authority, which will issue written certification accrediting their appearance;
  • Those who are sick or unable to attend due to force majeure, sufficiently proven, that prevents them from attending the event. These causes must first be justified by doctors from the national health service; failing that, by official, provincial or municipal doctors, and in their absence by private doctors (the official reference professionals will be obliged to respond, on the day of the election, to the request of the sick or unable voter, and must go to their home to verify those circumstances and deliver the corresponding certificate);
  • The personnel of public service organizations and companies that, for reasons related to their compliance, must carry out tasks that prevent them from attending the election during its development. In that case, the employer or his legal representative will notify the Ministry of the Interior and Transportation of the respective payroll ten (10) days in advance of the election date, issuing, separately, the pertinent certification.

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