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How to check blood sugar, what is the right time to test? Know what to do and what not to do

How To Check Sugar Levels: There are many ways to monitor blood sugar.

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  • Do the test before each meal and after 1 or 2 hours.
  • Get your blood sugar level tested even when you are sick or under stress.
  • Here are the right ways to check sugar level.

How To Check Blood Sugar At Home: When it comes to managing diabetes, it is all about blood sugar. If your blood sugar level becomes too high or too low, it can change your mood, your benefits and even your long term health. There are many ways to monitor blood sugar in diabetics. Some people use a glucose meter with test strips and blood taken from their fingers for immediate measurement. Others use continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) which are either implanted or attached to their bodies. There are also hybrid monitors with Flash Glucose Meter (FGM) that can continuously monitor blood sugar and provide instant readings. Each person is different, so your doctor will review your condition and recommend the right solution to help you effectively monitor your blood sugar level.

When to do a blood sugar level test? , When To Do A Blood Sugar Level Test?


Checking your blood sugar level can help you see how your food, medications and activities affect your blood sugar. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommends that you test blood sugar levels regularly to help manage your diabetes.

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How to do Daily Blood Sugar Level Test | How To Do Daily Blood Sugar Level Test

The ADA Daily recommends testing multiple times for people who use insulin pumps or insulin injections throughout the day. If you take any other type of medicine, test your blood sugar level as often as your health care team recommends. Know here when to do blood sugar level test…

  • before each meal
  • 1 or 2 hours after a meal
  • before bed time snacks
  • In the middle of the night
  • Before physical activity, check to see if you need a snack.
  • During and after physical activity.
  • If you feel that your blood sugar is too high, too low or falling.
  • When you are sick or under stress.

Routine Blood Glucose Test | Routine Blood Glucose Test

A daily blood sugar test can give you a good idea of ​​how well you are doing at the moment. If you find the answer of below questions then you are going right.

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  1. Are your medicines working as they should?
  2. How does the type or amount of food you eat affect your blood sugar?
  3. How does activity or stress affect your blood sugar?

Structured Blood Glucose Test | Structured Blood Glucose Test

Structured Tests supports your regular or daily tests by giving you more targeted data. This can help you determine if you are within a safe range.

The Structured Blood Glucose Test can help you:

  • Discover how to make the best use of your blood sugar numbers.
  • See how activities can affect your blood sugar level.
  • Troubleshooting around high and low sugar levels
  • Identify blood sugar level patterns.
  • Work with your health care team to determine whether adjustments are needed in your insulin therapy or other areas of your diabetes management.

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How to test your blood sugar? , How To Test Your Blood Sugar?

  • Gather your blood glucose meter, a test strip and your lancing device to check your blood sugar level. See how to build a meter and test strip. Get the correct reading by following the steps here:
  • Wash and dry your hands- Using warm water can help with blood flow.
  • Turn on the meter and prepare the strip. Many Accu-Chek meters automatically turn on when the strip is inserted.
  • Choose your location. Do not check with the same finger all the time. Using the edge of the fingertip can be less painful than the pad.
  • Prepare a lancing device. Then lance your fingers for a drop of blood.
  • Touch and hold the test strip that opens towards the drop until it has absorbed enough blood to start the test.
  • Based on the recommendations of your healthcare professionals, check your test results and take appropriate steps if your blood sugar is high or low.

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