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How to change the gender identity in the birth certificate in CDMX?

In the framework of International Trans Awareness Daywhich is part of the fight of trans and non-binary people, the community celebrates diversity, life and fights for their rights. Therefore, some entities in the country approved the Gender Identity Lawwith which people who so wish can legally change gender

In this sense, within the Mexico City it is possible to change gender in all official documents, from the birth certificate, to the Unique Population Registry Code (CURP) and the official identification of the INE, therefore, in El Financiero we tell you the steps to follow to carry out your procedure.

How do I carry out the process of changing identity in the birth certificate?

To carry out the process of changing gender identity in the birth certificate, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be over 18 years of age and have Mexican nationality;
  • Submit a certified copy of the birth certificate with an issue date no older than 6 months;
  • Count on valid official identification and you proof of address from Mexico City;
  • Fill out the format provided by the Civil Registry when requesting the procedure;
  • Appear, expressing the conviction to be perceived with a certain gender;

In the event that you have been registered for the first time outside of Mexico City, you must commit to deliver an official letter to the owner of the civil registry where your first record was made to notify that a new derivative of the certificate was carried out. administrative process of gender identity. The above to avoid double identity.

Once you have met the requirements, the first thing you should do is go to the town hall where your registration was made for the first time and request the new acquisition of your certificate.

Once the procedure is done, you must wait 10 days to present the preliminary act and request the issuance of the original document.

It should be noted that the Civil Registry will notify different federal agencies such as the Ministry of Public Education, the National Population Registry (RENAPO), the National Electoral Institute, that the new birth certificate derived from the gender identity process has been drawn up. (INE), the Attorney General’s Office and the FGR.

In the event that you are denied the change of gender identity, you can promote an indirect amparo trialattacking said decision of the Civil Registry and exposing all the national and international arguments that support your right to have a birth certificate that recognizes you.

Remember that, once you obtain your birth certificate, you will need to go to request the CURP association and update all your identity documents.

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