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How to activate the trick to divert calls to another phone in case of running out of battery

It can be done in two ways: by entering a code or by using a configuration.

If after a day of intensive use the phone is about to run out of battery, there is a trick to stay connected even if the device turns off. Its about call forwarding which, by means of a slight modification, allows redirect incoming calls to another number.

The truth is that this option has been around for a long time on Android and iOS devices, but it is often found something hiddenwhich makes it difficult for users to use it.

Activating call forwarding is a bet on availability. Once you learn how to apply the necessary configuration to make the diversion, it doesn’t take long to be able to achieve it.

In this way, the calls received by the owner will go to the phone of the assigned person. While this feature is convenient, it also increases the risk of someone else activating it to track callers.

How to add the code to the phone.

Luckily, Android allows us to do it in just a few steps and with the possibility of choosing whether we want to divert all calls or just do it in certain circumstances.

Another possible option is to redirect calls to another number using a code. For it to work, you will have to combine two parts: a diversion code and the number phone number where they will end up.

The key to use it is *Diversion code*phone number#. Asterisks and the # symbol you have to leave them as they arewhile it will suffice to replace the “diversion code” with a numerical code.

These are the different forwarding codes you can use:

  • 61. Divert the call when you don’t answer the phone.
  • 62. Divert when the phone is switched off or out of range.
  • 67. Divert when the phone is busy.
  • 21. Divert all calls.

Divert calls via settings

How to access the manual configuration.

How to access the manual configuration.

The other alternative, which varies according to the customization layers that manufacturers put before it, is to resort to a manual configuration that, despite this variation, is very similar in all models.

To do this, just open the calls application and click on the three dots icon that appears in the upper right corner.

Clicking on call settings brings up the Call Forwarding option, the place where you can configure exactly which phone number to expect to forward calls to and under what conditions.

On the third screen, it will suffice to select whether the forwarding occurs when one is using the line, if the owner does not answer or if at that moment, after a few minutes of calls, he is not available.

Once we have decided which option best suits our needs, all we need to do is click on it, enter the phone number to which we want our calls to be forwarded and click ‘Activate’.

It is possible to select the divert once or twice or to remain permanently. If for some reason you regret it, to deactivate it, just follow the same steps, tap on the diversion that is activated and mark ‘Deactivate’.

If what you are looking for is to change the number to which communications will be redirected, you just have to enter a new number and click on ‘Update’. Some models support up to three numbers.


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