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How to activate the confidential mode in the Gmail account and what it is for

This function allows you to add an extra layer of security to messages with sensitive information.

The self-destructing message variant also has a Gmail version. Confidential mode is a feature that allows you to add an extra layer of security in the emails that are sent.

Sometimes one includes private details or sensitive information in their emails. But since you can’t always trust the other person, this mode helps raise the level of privacy.

The idea is to obtain certain guarantees when sending an email. It is a private method where only the other party has the ability to open that message.

Thus, the confidential mode prevents the recipient of said message from forward it, copy it, download it and/or print it.

How Confidential Mode is activated.

In addition, if you think it appropriate, you can add a password to open it and also set an expiration date for the message.

Thus, when a message is sent in confidential mode, Gmail automatically removes the body of the text and the attachments that the recipient will receive and replaces it with a link to the content.

For Gmail users, the linked content is displayed as if it were part of the message, while for users using other mail platforms, only the link is displayed.

Main limitations

Sending an email using this confidential mode has clear limitations. The person who receives it will not be able to download the attachments that are in the message, they can use the preview.

In addition, it is not possible to copy the content, thus preventing said information from being replicated. Even taking screenshots is impossible. The idea is to maintain the utmost confidentiality at all times.

To make use of this confidential mode in the Gmail application, you don’t have to complicate your life too much.

Gmail confidential mode.

Gmail confidential mode.

What is indicated is that you write the message, add the attachments that you want to include and enter the recipient of the mail. When these steps have been completed is when this mode is activated in the mail application.

In the bottom bar of the mail there is a lock with a clock. Clicking activates Confidential Mode. In the box that opens one can choose the expiration time (between one day and 5 years) and if a password is required to open it.

On this last point, he clarifies that, if the person does not use Gmail, they will receive the keys by SMS. Otherwise, they will arrive by mail.

In case you want to change a setting, Gmail allows you to reverse a shipment. By default, the time window is 5 seconds. After tapping the “send” button, the “Cancel” option appears.

Number of messages

Google’s mail service shows the number of emails that were not opened next to “Received”. Although that information can also be included in the tab in which Gmail is open. This allows you to be aware of this data, even when browsing other pages.

The first step is to go to the cogwheel (the classic configuration icon) that appears in the upper right part of the screen. There we will see the “Quick Settings”, but in this case you have to touch the “See all settings” button. That brings us to a section with many options for setting up Gmail.

Under “Settings” we will see several sections: General, Labels, Inbox, Accounts and import, and the list goes on. To go to the option that summons us in this review, you have to touch “Advanced”. Scroll with the mouse and we arrive at the “Unread message icon” item, as you can see in the following screenshot.

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