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How much healthy food are you eating… will tell Nutriday app –

Chandigarh, July 14 (Trinew)
Many times we eat thinking that it will affect our body, but according to the nature and disorder of your body, what you are eating may not be healthy. To find this out, an app ‘Nutried’ has been launched. It is claimed that through this the correct condition of food and drink can be estimated. The team associated with this app discussed its merits in front of the media in Chandigarh on Friday. In this, three German research universities under the Indo-German collaboration under ISMR-National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, a unit of the Health and Research Department of the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and Calvari Wellness, a health tech startup based at STPI, Mohali. It was told that Germany’s Augsburg University, German Institute of Human Potsdam Rehbrück and Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment, Energy GmbH are participating in this project. NutriEd aims to investigate and provide solutions to various food practices and nutrition-related decision-making issues in the country.
The Nutriread app will serve as a meaningful tool for people to measure and change their personal eating habits. It enables people to track their nutritional choices with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) food recognition tool. By scanning the food served through NutriApp downloaded on his phone, one can measure the calories of the food in an instant. This inspires us to adopt a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. By facilitating a deeper understanding of the impact of food choices, NutriAD empowers people to make the right decisions and embrace positive change. By taking advantage of modern technology and scientific research research, the joint teams of both the countries aim to improve the nutrition of the people by following a holistic approach. This app is available free of cost in public interest.
Addressing the press conference, Professor Dr. Markus Keck, Chair of Urban Climate Resilient at the Augsburg Center for Climate Resilient in Germany and renowned human geographer Professor Dr. Markus Keck, who drafted the project, said that this collaborative effort is truly a great opportunity for transformative science. which will make a significant contribution to improving nutrition in India. This initiative is a significant step towards changing the nutrition scenario in India. He expressed confidence that with the exchange of collective skills of reputed institutions, Nutriday is all set to bring about a positive change in the eating habits of the people.
Present on the occasion, Vineet Singh, CEO of Calvary Wellness, the winner of the Tycon 2020 Award for providing an AI-based recognition platform for food and nutrition and who conceptualized the project, said that the app will help people change unhealthy and unsustainable dietary patterns. Which often leads to the consumption of processed food products in the market and excessive consumption of sugar, salt, proteins, calories and fats. NutriSys guides people to make positive changes to their dietary habits by encouraging the consumption of locally grown, minimally processed and predominantly plant-based food products.
Dr. Subbarao Gavaravarpu, Head of Nutrition and F Grade Scientist, ICMR-NIN, Hyderabad, who joined virtually on the occasion, said that the Nutriread project adopts a multi-level approach and seeks to promote self-qualification i.e. determination of self-determined nutritional intake among the urban middle class. Examines the advantages and disadvantages. People in India are focusing on the potential of app technology to keep themselves fit and healthy. Developed in this vein, this app empowers and informs people not only about the nutritional aspects of food products but also about the factors that shape their food environment.
Another speaker from Germany, Dr. Felix Molter, representing the German Institute of Human Nutrition, said that he is excited to be a partner in this project as it inspires and influences decision-making processes to create healthier bodies. He hoped that this app would provide immediate benefits to the lives of the people and the environment.
Ajay Srivastava, Director, STPI, Mohali, who was present at the event, said that he is extremely happy to see the rise of new age IT startups in the country which are revolutionizing the health and nutrition sector. Srivastava said that these new and effective startups are making significant contribution in the upliftment of healthcare and nutrition across the country by utilizing the immense possibilities of IT.
The CBO of Calvary Wellness believes that Nutriread App is an amazing and innovative platform to take care of individuals to the entire society. The objective of this effort is to build a secure future for generations.

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