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How Emmanuel Macron intends to relaunch French nuclear power

AT two months of the presidential election, Emmanuel Macron unveils in Belfort his nuclear recovery plan and, more generally, his energy strategy for France. Thursday, February 10, the main announcement of the Head of State should relate to the construction of a series of new second generation EPR nuclear reactors.

From a source close to the executive, the order to EDF could go up to six EPR2 reactors with an option for eight additional reactors, or 14 in total. France is currently building only one new nuclear reactor, the EPR in Flamanville (Manche), the construction of which began in 2007 has still not been completed and for which EDF has announced new delays and additional costs. Accompanied by several ministers, the president and quasi-candidate will make his announcements on the manufacturing site of the Arabelle turbines equipping French nuclear power plants, sold in 2015 to the American General Electric when he was Minister of the Economy.

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Objective: continue to develop renewable energies

In Belfort, Emmanuel Macron should also talk about the program of small nuclear reactors (SMR). It could also refer to the development of offshore wind turbines, which are less contested than onshore wind turbines. The framework speech of the Head of State therefore outlines a long-term perspective, but must also allow him to occupy one of the major topics of the campaign from now on.

On November 9, Emmanuel Macron announced that France would “for the first time in decades relaunch the construction of nuclear reactors” and “continue to develop renewable energies”. The project aims to “guarantee the energy independence of France” and “achieve our objectives, in particular carbon neutrality in 2050”, argued the Head of State. EDF has already submitted to the State a proposal to build six EPR2 reactors for around fifty billion euros.

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