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How does a person feel before death, what are the signs? Expert Reveal

Moment Before Death: According to Dr Seamus Coyle of the NHS Cancer Center – What happens in the body before death.

Birth and death are not in the hands of man but in the hands of God. No one knows when whose death is, but do you know that before death comes, you start getting some signs. That is, when someone dies, something starts to be felt. It may sound a bit strange to hear, but, it is not us, but recently an expert told that what happens before death and how does it feel? According to the report of The Express, a doctor who has seen many people die in his life has told what changes happen in the human body just before death. Scientists also know very little about this.

The body gives this signal before death – What Are The Signs Before Death?

  • heart attack
  • body swelling
  • loss of appetite
  • lack of thirst
  • body fatigue

According to Dr Seamus Coyle of the NHS Cancer Center, what happens in the body before death is largely unknown, but some research speculates that many chemicals are released from the brain at the time of death, including endorphins. . It stimulates the feelings of any person.

According to Seamus Coyle, it is difficult to understand the moments of death, but according to the research so far, as people approach death, the stress chemicals of the body increase. Inflammation also starts in the body of people with cancer and probably others.

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In general it seems that during the process of dying people’s pain subsides but we do not know why this happens? It may also be related to endorphins.”

According to Seamus Coyle – Different things happen to different people and we cannot predict them. After all, every death is different – and you can’t predict who’s going to die peacefully

When Does The Process Of Dying Start – When Does Start The Process Of Dying:

According to Dr Seamus Coyle of the NHS Cancer Centre, what it feels like before death, the process of dying usually begins about two weeks before the heart stops beating.

Seamus Coyle talked about the process of dying in an article he wrote for The Conversation. He said, “I think the process of dying starts two weeks before any person dies. During this time people’s health starts getting weak. They also start having trouble walking and sleeping. Last days of life I also lose their ability to take pills, eat food, drink something.”

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“The time around the time when people say that the person in front is dying and he has only two to three days left to live. Many people get to see this whole process in a day and some people can live on the verge of death for about a week or two before actually dying.

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