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House robbery to give gifts to girlfriend; He was caught calling his name during the robbery

New Delhi: Three people have been arrested in connection with the burglary of a house in Sarojini Nagar in south-west Delhi. Shukham, 20, a resident of RK Puram, Asif, 19, a resident of Nizamuddin and Mohammad Shariful Mulla, 41, a resident of Jamia Nagar were arrested by the Delhi Police. According to police, the trio robbed one of the accused’s girlfriend of expensive gifts.

Last Tuesday, a gang of three robbed the house of Adityakumar, the CEO of a multinational company. Kumar was attacked and subdued by a group of men who broke into his house in broad daylight and stole his laptop and mobile phone. Footage of Kumar being attacked was captured on a CCTV camera inside the house.

According to Kumar’s complaint, he opened the door around 3.30 pm when he heard a calling bell. As soon as the door was opened, a group of three men pointed their guns and stormed into the house. He was then beaten and tied up. The suspects also allegedly stole a laptop, a mobile phone, a bag containing clothes, a jacket, shoes, a watch and a scooter. Adityakumar, who untied himself after the robbery, shared the information with his relatives through Facebook from another laptop. The relatives then passed the information to the police.

Adityakumar had said that one of the robbers was called Shubham by others. This is crucial in the investigation. Police then handed over pictures of about 150 criminals named Shubham to Adityakumar. From this, the person who came to rob the house was identified.

Police arrested Shubham and his two accomplices on Friday after an hour-long investigation. The three were taken into police custody while traveling on a stolen scooter. Defendants, including Shubham, pleaded guilty during questioning. Shubham, who was arrested last July for stealing a mobile phone, was released from jail in November. He said that he met Asif in jail and planned the robbery after Asif was released from jail.

Police say two robbery cases have already been registered against Shubham. Asif and Mulla are accused in all the three cases. Police said they found two scooters, four mobile phones, a laptop and a watch.

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