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Hot Sale 2022: the best deals on smartv TVs

Smart TVs are on the podium of electronic devices with the highest demand. If a World Cup year, great promotions in the Hot Sale and free shipping are added to the equation, the great concern is not to be late for the sales line. In this note, what are The 5 key aspects to buy a television for the next 7 years.

In times of big auctions, many manufacturers take the opportunity to sell at cost price old equipment that has been in its boxes for several years. Although it sounds tempting, if the price is below 50 thousand pesos, you have to distrust.

As with smartphones, the cheapest is not always the best option. Since its point of obsolescence – associated with low internal capacity, no software update, problems adding new applications and connection – is set at three years.

Next, the five items that most affect the economic fluctuation: the resolution of the screen, the type of processor it uses, the panels, the operating system it runs and the sound technology it handles.


Difference between a Full HD and a 4K. Samsung Photo

It is a term that indicates how densely pixels are packed on the screen to form the image. The higher the count of these points, the higher the quality.

The current resolution on televisions is 4K or Ultra HD which makes up a 3,840 by 2,160 pixel frame. While the size considered as the standard is 50 inches. The price of a base model starts at 70 thousand pesos.

The technological threshold is set on Full HD televisions, which have four times less resolution than 4K and have been in retreat for 10 years. They are models that go around the 50 thousand pesos.

If we add some improvements such as HDR (high dynamic range) a technique that expresses details in the content, both in very bright scenes and in very dark scenes. It offers a more natural and realistic image output even with a wide range of contrasts, the price it will be 90 thousand pesos.

The next step in the evolutionary chain is 8K, which has four times more pixels than UHD and its price -as is the case of the 75” Samsung Neo QLED- costs 999 thousand pesos.


With the purchase of a 75” 8K Neo QLED you receive a 4,999 eVoucher for a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

With the purchase of a 75” 8K Neo QLED you receive a $254,999 eVoucher for a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

It is present in teams that exceed 90 thousand pesos. It is a key piece since it graduates the resolution scales, HDR content management, color accuracy and regularizes the transition between one scene and another. All elements that define the visual experience.

Another occupation of the processor is the scaling of frames from 64 to 120 per scene. In real time, it analyzes the quality of the image signal and if it is too low, it reduces noise and adapts the signal to avoid ghosting, especially in scenes with a lot of action.

These transformations are perceived in series or movies that are more than 20 years old, as is the case with The Sopranos. On a conventional television it is seen as it was broadcast at the time. While these devices make corrections so that it looks rejuvenated and without that fading coloration.


QLED VS OLED, the panels of the intermediate range.

QLED VS OLED, the panels of the intermediate range.

Televisions bet on different screen technologies. The most common are LCDs with LED backlighting – with some derivatives such as Samsung’s QLEDs – and OLEDs.

That a model is LED, OLED or QLED refers to the way in which the pixels or color points are illuminated. It is something important to assess the quality of the image and where is the biggest difference in price between televisions.

QLED panels They are an evolution with respect to LEDs, since the pixels can be activated individually, allowing greater contrast and obtaining the purest blacks.

Instead, the OLEDs they produce their own light to be able to control individual brightness, save layers and achieve minimum thickness screens. The vision is almost perfect from all angles.

Operating system

The operating system is key to an optimal experience.

The operating system is key to an optimal experience.

Televisions are increasingly complex and need to transmit many orders simultaneously. To regulate this ecosystem made up of applications and services, the operating system (OS) appears, which makes the difference in the user experience, adjustment and customization options.

There is no OS that is universal, like Windows on PCs, since each brand has adapted an existing system to its own style. This implies that each Smart TV is equipped with an exclusive interface, its own functionalities and an ecosystem of tailored applications.

The four OS that run behind these UHD screens are WebOS for LG, Tizen is chosen by Samsung and Philips uses Saphi. The rest bet on Android TV, owned by Google, which is the most popular.

The cheapest televisions include simplified operating systems or own, which are static. Which implies that they do not support software download, the few streaming applications that it comes with, come from the factory and often are not updated.

ambient sound

A screen with admirable contrast and optimal balance is of little use, if it is accompanied by a low-resonance sound system. A sign of confidence is that the TV supports Dolby Atmos (DA), considered the new industry standard.

This technology offers surround sound in a radius of 360 degrees. The great advantage of DA is that it can use a channel of 128 tracks and coordinate up to 118 sound objects simultaneously. In addition, it detects the number of associated channels and is responsible for distributing voices, noises and effects.

In order to enjoy DA, the content has to be embedded with this technology. And at the same time, the device that plays it, in this case the television, must be compatible. Both Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney + offer it in their recent content. When activated, an icon is displayed that warns that you are using this option.

Hot Sale 2022: the best deals on smartv TVs

77-inch LG OLED TV.  It's ,300,000.

77-inch LG OLED TV. It’s $1,300,000.

In the official Samsung stores, with the purchase of the new 75” 8K Neo QLED you receive an eVoucher of $254,999 to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. While buying the 85” 4K Neo QLED, the eVoucher is $209,999 to purchase the Galaxy S22 Plus.

While LG is listing its mighty 77-inch OLED TV ($1.3 million), along with the 60-inch 4K UHD LED ThinQ ($158,999), the 70-inch LG UHD LED ThinQ 4k ($249,999). 28 thousand pesos discount18 installments without interest and free shipping in the AMBA.

The 50-inch Enova Smart TV is a 4k LED, Frameless, with a resolution of 3,840 by 2,160, whose regular price is $117,646, in this Hot Sale it has a 22% discount and can be purchased at $91,999.

While in outstanding 32” and 43” models from BGH, Telefunken and Feelnology. There will be 30% discount, installments without interest and free shipping.


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