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Horacio Rodríguez Larreta crossed over to the Government for the overcrowding of Buenos Aires prisons: ‘Assume the commitment’

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta joined the criticism of the national government on Tuesday for refusing to receive prisoners from the City in the prisons of the Federal Penitentiary Service, warned by the “detainee overpopulation” in the Buenos Aires police stations and demanded that the Executive “review this decision and assume the commitment to face security”.

It was a riot in a Balvanera police station days ago that revived the crossroads due to the government’s refusal to comply with a court ruling that ordered prisoners to be removed from Buenos Aires police stations.

“Faced with the overpopulation of detainees that we are having as a result of the decision of the Federal Penitentiary System to stop receiving detainees from the City, we are going to continue building and adapting police stations and mayors to expand their capacity,” Rodríguez Larreta began his release on Twitter.

And he pointed out: “There can be no doubt about this: criminals have to be in prison. I hope that the national government review this decision and assume the commitment to face securityas millions of Argentines demand”.

The questions from the City point to the fact that the national government, through the Federal Penitentiary Service (SPF), has refused to comply – for almost two years – with a court ruling that ordered prisoners who are detained by the Buenos aires city.

The resolution was issued by the Buenos Aires Contraventional and Misdemeanor Judge Carla Cavaliere in September 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, when the conflict over detainees between the Casa Rosada and the City had just begun and that the week had a peak of tension when a group of detainees in police stations in the City rioted and caused incidents.

In those days, the SPF intervened by the founder and member of Legitimate Justice, María Laura Garrigós de Rébori, had stopped receiving prisoners detained by the Buenos Aires authorities in federal prisons. The excuse was covid, but behind it were the differences between the City and the national government and the fight to remove the co-participation.

The City does not have its own prisons and By law, the national government, through the SPF, must house detainees in its prisons. By not receiving them, they accumulate in police stations and even in patrol cars. The problem is that they live in overcrowded conditions: they do not have enough bathrooms or mattresses, they do not have a food service – in the City they had to hire a food service – and they must be guarded by police officers who are not trained to control prisoners.

Rodríguez Larreta, in campaign mode

In a new speech that ratifies his intention to be the candidate for president of the main opposition space in 2023, the head of the Buenos Aires Government said Tuesday that it is necessary bring “to all of Argentina” the results in security that the City currently has.

In a message that included a criticism of Kirchnerism, Rodríguez Larreta assured that “security it is a political decision” which requires “a plan”.

“Security is a political decision, it requires a lot of courage, firmness, but also a plan that generates results and meets objectives. The City has the lowest crime rates in the last 27 years. Political decision to be inflexible, very tough with those who break the law,” said the mayor of Buenos Aires.

And he added, with his sights set on 2023: “We need that same decision, which has already been demonstrated and generated results in the City, to take it to all of Argentina, because the safety of the people is non-negotiable, it is the guarantee of life, the guarantee of freedom”.

He did not speak directly about Kirchnerism but made a tacit reference: “We are not going to rest, we are not going to stop, they are not going to remove us from our responsibilities“, Hill.

Rodríguez Larreta led an act on Tuesday together with the Buenos Aires Chief of Staff Felipe Miguel, the Minister of Justice and Security, Marcelo D’Alessandro, and the Minister of Government, Jorge Macri. There he announced the renewal of patrol cars for the Buenos Aires Police and praised the results of the security policies in the City.

“We are going to continue making Buenos Aires the safest capital in Latin America“, he insisted.

A few days ago, Rodríguez Larreta toured Europe in which he sought to show management achievements based on agreements focused on education, work, technology and tourism, with an eye on his presidential project for 2023.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta met with Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid. Photo: GCBA press

He went through Berlin and Hannover, in Germany, and continued in Madrid. From the German capital, he spoke of the importance of “working with the private and union sectors to train students and young people in the skills demanded by the strategic sectors and jobs of the future”, and assured that this model is the one used in the City , and gave as an example “the educational internships that all secondary students will carry out in more than 300 companies and public, private and research institutions.”

Finally in Spain, where he held meetings with authorities and businessmen, Rodríguez Larreta warned that a future Cambiemos government should “do something different economically.”

In a report published by the newspaper El País, Rodríguez Larreta recognized that Together for Change aspires “to achieve the presidency in 2023 and there are teams working on that plan”, and he evaluated: “The debt would not be a problem if we grow, but there are to grow up.”

In turn, the head of government was asked if his presidential project should not start from the self-criticism of the defeat of Mauricio Macri in 2019, the 50% inflation registered towards the end of the government and the agreement with the IMF in 2018 : “The quest to form a broader coalition is a self-criticism in itselfbecause it hasn’t been done before. I do this in the city, in the last elections we made a coalition from [el diputado José Luis] Espert, who today represents the right, even socialism, everyone inside,” he said.

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