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Honduras: with just over half the scrutiny, Nasry Asfura acknowledged the victory of Xiomara Castro

With just over half of the votes counted, the official Honduran presidential candidate, Nasry Asfura, recognized this Tuesday the victory in the elections of the last Sunday of Xiomara Castro, leader of the Partido Libertad y Refundación, and wife of former President Manuel Zelaya, who was overthrown in June 2009.

After thanking the congratulations, Castro received with a hug the leader of the National Party at her home, accompanied by several members of her family.

“Now I want to say publicly that I congratulate her on her triumph and that as president-elect I wish God to enlighten and guide her so that in her administration she does the best for the benefit of all of us, Hondurans, to achieve this development and the hopes of democracy, “she told the press.

According to Asfura’s projections, it would have obtained “around one million votes”, of which so far, according to the count carried out by the National Electoral Council (CNE), it has carried 626,905 (34.11%), against 980,760 (53, 36%) of Castro, who will be the first woman president of Honduras.

With a participation of 68.23 percent of the total of 5,182,435 qualified voters, the count is close to 1,908,596 votes, which represents, almost 54 percent.

Nasry Asfura personally congratulated Xiomara Castro on his victory in the elections. AFP photo

Scrutiny is slow Due to the fact that the ballots that have yet to be entered into the system arrive in physical form, while the first half of the votes entered in digital format, according to the CNE.

“Our country is beautiful and it is not how they look at it outside, we respect the will of the people expressed at the polls, because that is the decision of the majority. The country needs reconciliation and unity to achieve harmony and work, which is the path that will lead us to the development that we all long for. Here I am and I will always be at your service, “said Asfura.

For his part, through a message posted on Twitter, Castro said that “Nasry Asfura, candidate of the PN (National Party), accept the will of the people and recognizes the victory of Libre in alliance “and her” triumph as president-elect of HN (Honduras). “

The United States congratulated Castro

The United States congratulated Xiomara Castro “as president-elect” on Tuesday, after the ruling party acknowledged its defeat in the presidential elections in Honduras.

“The Honduran people exercised their power to vote in free and fair elections. We congratulate them as well as the president-elect @XiomaraCastroZ “, wrote the Secretary of State, Antony blinken, on his official Twitter account.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.  Photo EFE

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Photo EFE

Then, he left a unit message: “We hope work together to strengthen democratic institutions, promote inclusive economic growth and combat corruption “.

Shortly before, the head of US diplomacy for Latin America, Brian nicholsHe had said that his country “hopes to work” with Castro.

“The main candidate at this time has expressed her commitment to attack corruption, address the causes and drivers of migration and promote employment and more income in the country. We look forward to working with her in that regard,” said Nichols, Undersecretary of State for the Americas, during a hearing of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Senate.

With information from EFE and AFP.



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