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Holi colors may spoil your hair health, learn from Shahnaz Hussain how to protect your silky hair from the effects of Holi. Holi Hair Care Routine

First of all, let us know what kind of damage can happen to your hair on Holi. So beauty expert Shahnaz Hussain says that chemical-laden colors on Holi can affect your hair in many ways. As-

Hair can be damaged

Hair can be damaged due to chemical-based and synthetic colors. These colors penetrate the hair shaft and make them lighter. Not only this, these colors also cause snatching of natural oils from the scalp and breakage.

problem of itching and burning

These colors are made with artificial colors, so they can cause skin irritation. Due to this, the scalp skin may also face irritation. You may experience itching, burning and rashes.

Hair Care Tips: Take care of your hair like this before and after Holi

Hair can become unmanageable

You must have noticed that when you come out of the bath after getting color applied, it becomes difficult to manage your hair. Too much humidity, color and temperature make hair frizzy. Many times the remains of colors remain on the scalp, due to which the hair becomes very entangled.

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Colored hair is affected

These colors also affect your colored hair. Dyes that contain harsh chemicals and artificial colors react with the pigments in colored hair. Due to this, pigmentation problem may occur. Many times, hair color may also change after playing Holi.

Hair care tips How to Take Care of Your Hair on Holi

Apply lukewarm oil on your hair in the morning on the day of Holi. This will also ensure good circulation in your head and the colors will not harm the hair. Apart from this, you can also apply natural gel like aloe vera gel on the hair. This will act like a barrier.

Clean scalp with mild cleanser

The chemicals present in the color harm your hair. Along with this, shampoo containing chemicals can also damage the hair. Try to take the help of natural and organic shampoos. If you have colored hair, then use a shampoo that is made for colored hair to thoroughly clean your hair and scalp. Gently massage the shampoo into your scalp and hair and then rinse with water.

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do deep conditioning

Many people do not use conditioner after shampoo. However, deep conditioning is necessary to prevent damage caused by color. To retain the moisture of your hair, apply a hair mask. This will definitely make your hair soft and shiny.

On the next day of Holi, apply lukewarm oil on the head and massage it thoroughly. Wrap the hair with a hot towel and then wash the hair again with mild shampoo and conditioner. You can also apply argan oil or shea butter on hair. Immediately after Holi, one should avoid styling their hair. This can cause more damage to your hair. Instead of drying your hair with a dryer, air dry it.

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