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Hit the entertainment! Sky will raise its prices from this date

satellite television company Sky announced that will raise the prices of their packages offered in Mexico from May 2023.

Through a statement, the entertainment company reported that the cost increase will apply for both New customers as for the users with current contracts.

“We have done everything possible to keep our prices stable, but due to rising coststhe inflation and the need to maintain the quality of our service We see ourselves in the need to adjust them to continue having the best content from Sky”, the company justified.

The price increase – called ‘adjustment’ by Sky – will be between twenty and 50 pesos depending on the contracted package.

What will be the new price of Sky packages?

  • HD packages:
Package Increase
skysilver $20.00
sky gold $20.00
sky platinum $30.00
Sky HBO HD $40.00
sky black $50.00
  • Standard definition packages
Package Increase
basic sky $20.00
sky fun $20.00
Sky HBO $30.00
sky universe $30.00
  • High Definition HDTV + Internet Combos
Combo HD Increase
Combo silver 5 $20.00
combo gold 10 $20.00
combo gold 5 $20.00
Gold Combo 10 $20.00
Combo platinum 5 $30.00
Combo platinum 10 $30.00
HBO Max 5 Combo $40.00
Combo HBO Max 10 $40.00
Combo black 5 $50.00
Combo black 10 $50.00
  • SDTV combos in standard definition + Internet
Combo SD Increase
SD 5 Basic Combo $20.00
SD 10 Basic Combo $20.00
Combo fun SD 5 $20.00
Combo fun SD 10 $20.00
HBO Max SD 5 Combo $30.00
HBO Max SD 10 Combo $30.00
Combo universe SD 5 $40.00
Combo universe SD 10 $40.00

Additional if you have any of the following Channels on demandhe New price As of May 1, 2023 it will be:

on-demand channel on-demand channel
Universal+ SD /
HBO On Demand SD /
HBO On Demand HD
Disney+ On Demand SD /
Disney+ On Demand HD

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