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Henequen will be promoted in Sembrando Vida

The government program Sowing Life will promote henequen to adapt it to the demand coming from a reborn industrial activity of this agave, said Adam Augusto Lopez.

During the inauguration of a manufacturing plant for henequen derivatives, the Secretary of the Interior undertook to manage what was necessary to materialize the push to this plant in this official reforestation project that until now has promoted the planting of different agricultural products, such as achiote.

This Saturday, state and federal authorities certified the start of operations of Sisal Tejidos Yucatán, a manufacturing plant located 5 minutes from the municipality of Motul, with the capacity to annually transform 4,500 tons of fiber from that agave to produce useful fibers, among others. things, export mats.

The company, which employs 250 people, mostly women, It is chaired by Fernando Ponce García, a Yucatecan businessman who founded corporations such as the Coca Cola bottler, Bepensa, who is committed to substituting synthetic fibers from oil in the market. He was accompanied by Governor of Yucatan, Mauricio Vila Dosal, who highlighted that henequen, unlike other crops, does not require an irrigation system.

The company promised to buy all the henequen that is supplied to it, since, to date, 90 percent of its inputs are imported.

“We are a driving company for the economic development of the rural area. As of today, I can assure you that synthetic fibers around the world will have a strong commercial rival,” said Ponce.

“And you know why I’m so sure? For the people who work here. And because the best fiber is the one produced in Yucatan, where nature placed henequen from its origin, and now it has a new opportunity thanks to environmental awareness,” he added.

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