Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Héctor Delgado and Cosculluela deliver supplies to communities in Humacao and Toa Baja

“We continue to do what God commanded us to do: which is to serve the needy”. With these words, the former reggaeton player and pastor Hector Delgado began, yesterday, the aid mission for the communities affected by the passage of the hurricane fiona around the island

Delgado, who leads various initiatives through his Christian congregation, Maranatha Radio Ministries and the Azriel Foundation, immediately went to the municipalities of Humacao Y Toa Baja to deliver supplies and hot food. The former member of the duo Héctor & Tito took the opportunity to share the moment with his followers on social networks.

Once Delgado arrived in Humacao, he met the urban exponent cosculluela to begin delivery in the municipality where the voice of “Innocent” resides.

“We are here recognizing the people who have helped us bring ice and various items here for the people of Humacao. Here with the first lady and with my brother José. We are very grateful and I also want to thank our brother J Balvin who called us yesterday and sent us a donation,” said Delgado, who said goodbye to the urban genre more than a decade ago to spread Christianity.

Last night, the pastor arrived in Toa Baja, one of the northern towns most affected by the floods. In fact, there are still flooded communities in Ciudad Llanera.

The former reggaeton’s mission was not only to bring supplies, he also prayed for those in need in the places he visited. Toa Baja and Humacao have not been the only municipalities that she has impacted, she also did so with Salinas, another town in the south devastated by Fiona.

“Too badly needed. Let’s keep praying for Puerto Rico. Part of our hearts remained in Toa Baja today as we shared with such beautiful and special people who, despite everything that is happening, received us with special love and affection. Thanks to Mayor Betito Márquez for his commitment to his town and community leader Teresa, thanks for your passion for serving the community. Thank you Jesus. Maranatha Radio Ministries and Fundación Azriel supplying the need”, said Delgado.

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