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Heat, nerves and a lot of pressure: this was the debut of Paula Badosa in Madrid

Paula Badosa really has it in Madrid. It’s reality. Since she surprisingly reached the semifinals in 2021, the Spaniard has been feeling the pressure of playing at home and being one of the tournament favorites for a couple of years. Now she is not in the Top 10 of the ranking, but she does not care, because when Paula arrives in Madrid she feels that she must win the tournament and perhaps excessive pressure is placed on her shoulders.

In her debut she tells the Italian Elisabetta Cocciaretto, Paula ended up asking for the time in the third set because after winning the first, the Spaniard began to have the engine and head flu from the second. The Italian took advantage of Paula’s nerves and the excessive heat that she was on the track and she was putting into Badosa’s head the idea of ​​losing in her debut. She was about to.

Be careful, we must remember that Paula already lost last year in her second match against Simona Halep and the idea of ​​losing this time in the first round has crossed her mind. She was very close to her, because she also had to be treated by the physio due to problems in one of her legs. Between that and the high temperatures, Paula’s body was draining energy and if it is not for the public and for their encouragement, Madrid could have been left without one of its most important faces.

Now it will arrive in the next game Coco Gauff, which is really a difficult rock for Paula. The pressure will continue to be there and this time the player that the Spanish will have in front is a real miura. The North American has already beaten a Spaniard in her first match, the combative Irene Burillo, and if Paula does not increase her physical and tennis performance and, above all, her anxiety and pressure decrease, she could find herself out again in the second round of the tournament.

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