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Health Tips For Kedarnath Yatra: If you are planning to go to Kedarnath, then keep these 10 important things in mind

1. There are a few things that you should take with you for your trip. Jackets and sweaters are a must as the weather can change anytime and anyway the hilly areas are cold most of the time. A woolen hat, muffler and gloves for extra warmth. Carry your sunglasses and a good quality sunscreen with you for extra heat protection from the sun. It can rain in the mountains at any time, so keep an umbrella, raincoat with you while traveling.

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2. It is better if you keep a medical kit in case of any minor injury. Hilly areas are crooked along the way, so there is a fear of getting injured.

3. You will have to trek during Kedarnath Yatra, so keep in mind that you keep your luggage as light as possible. Comfortable good footwear is also a must for trekkers, make sure that these shoes/boots are not slippery and are strong enough to carry on in the snow.

4. Carry some light snacks like chocolates, dry and biscuits to eat at regular intervals. Anything heavy will make it difficult for you to walk and can even make you sick. Also keep a water bottle with you which will help in keeping you hydrated.

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5. If you have respiratory problems or high BP, then it would be better if you avoid the trip. Kedarnath Yatra is mostly recommended for people with good physical health.

6. Even people in perfect health are suggested to practice yoga or any other form of exercise to prepare for this journey. Maybe start walking a few months back to increase your stamina for the journey.

7. Saree is not a good choice for this trip. Salwar kameez, lower, kurta or any loose fabric in which it is easy to walk.

8. Try to start your journey early enough in the morning. The longer you delay, the stronger the desire will be and it will slow you down considerably. On the other hand, if you start early, the crowd will also be less and you will feel less tired during trekking.

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9. Do not forget to do biometric registration before traveling to Kedarnath as per the instructions of the Government of India. If you forget, you have the option of registering at Sonprayag.

10. Never take children below 12 years of age during Kedarnath Yatra. Nothing is known of the weather here. Apart from this, the oxygen level is also very low here, due to which there is a fear of ill health of the children.

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