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Heading to the São Paulo International Architecture Biennale

The design, research and activism collective “Workshop Creating Without Commissions” (tCSE), made up of architecture professors and community designers Yazmín M. Crespo Claudio, Irmaris Santiago Rodríguez and Omayra Rivera Crespo, was selected on February 15 to participate in the 13th São Paulo International Architecture Biennale “Travessias”. Of 272 participants from Africa, Asia, Europe, America and the Caribbean, they chose only 23 proposals for insurgent productions.

the 13th São Paulo International Architecture Biennial will be presenting the process and final results of the Collective Architecture Workshops (WAC) in La Perla (2013), Puerta de Tierra (2017) and Barrio Obrero, San Ciprián (2021). In these workshops, co-design and construction projects were developed in public spaces, which supported existing community initiatives. This is done in collaboration with community residents, other designers, volunteers, and art, architecture, and design students. The purpose of the WACs is to create spaces for equality, where all voices are taken into account.

Just this year, the tCSE celebrates its 10 years as the only women’s collective that works with placemaking and participatory architectural design in Puerto Rico. In addition to preparing the work that will be presented at the Biennale, the architecture professors are part of the committee that is organizing the activities of the 17 Participatory Design Conference (PDC) to be held in Newcastle Upon Tyne, and Puerto Rico will be the only host from the Caribbean .

The tCSE has also presented its work at international conferences in Santiago de Chile (Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture Conference 2016), Valparaíso (Placemaking Latin America 2017), Harvard University Graduate School of Design (“Informal Means: Alternative Design Practices in Latin(x) America Conference 2019″), Manizales (Participatory Design Conference 2020), San José (Space Justice 2020), Buenos Aires (XXXV Research Conference of the UBA) and Rio de Janeiro (International Union of Architects Conference 2021) . In 2019 he held a participatory design workshop in Worcester, Massachusetts, and in 2020 he taught a Participatory Design Tools Workshop at the College of Architects and Landscape Architects of Puerto Rico and as part of a Foundation for Architecture webinar.

According to a press release, the 13th. São Paulo International Architecture Biennale will be from May 21 to July 10, 2022.

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